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October Food Holidays & Events

Here are October Food Holidays & Events.

Most of these holidays are based out of the USA, with others sprinkled in here and there.

Find other months on The Year in Food Holidays & Events page.

October Food Holidays & Events

Eat Better, Eat Healthier Month:

Playlist: Healthy Recipes + Reviews

Playlist: Organic Recipes + Reviews

Playlist: Vegetarian + Vegan

Eat Country Ham Month:

Playlist: Ham Recipes + Reviews

National Apple Month:

Playlist: Apple Recipes + Reviews

National Applejack Month:

Playlist: Apple Recipes + Reviews

Playlist: Brandy Recipes + Reviews

National Caramel Month:

Playlist: Caramel Recipes + Reviews

National Chili Month:

Playlist: Soups, Stews & Chilis

National Cookie Month:

Playlist: Cookie Recipes + Reviews

National Dessert Month:

Playlist: Desserts & Sweets Recipes + Reviews

National Pickled Peppers Month:

Playlist: Pepper Recipes + Reviews

Playlist: Canning & Preserves Recipes + Reviews

National Pasta Month:

Playlist: Pasta Recipes + Reviews

National Pizza Festival Month:

Playlist: Pizza Recipes + Reviews

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month:

Playlist: Popcorn Recipes + Reviews

National Pork Month:

Playlist: Pork, Ham & Bacon Recipes + Reviews

National Pretzel Month:

Playlist: Pretzel Recipes + Reviews

National Seafood Month:

Playlist: Seafood Recipes + Reviews

National Spinach Month:

Playlist: Spinach Recipes + Reviews

National Tomato Month:

Playlist: Tomato Recipes + Reviews

Vegetarian Awareness Month:

Playlist: Vegetarian + Vegan

1st Week – No Salt Week:

1st Week – National Chili Week:

Playlist: Soups, Stews & Chilis

1st Week – American Beer Week:

Playlist: Beer Recipes + Reviews

2nd Week – National Food Bank Week:

2nd Week – National School Lunch Week:

Playlist: School Lunch Recipes + Reviews

2nd Thursday – National Dessert Day:

Playlist: Desserts & Sweets Recipes + Reviews

2nd Friday – World Egg Day:

Playlist: Egg Recipes + Reviews

3rd Week – National Kraut Sandwich Week:

Playlist: Sandwich Recipes + Reviews

3rd Week – Pickled Peppers Week:

3rd Saturday – Sweetest Day:

4th Week – Chicken Soup for the Soul Week:

October 1 – World Vegetarian Day:

October 1 – Pudding Season Begins:

October 1 – Homemade Cookies Day:

October 2 – National Fried Scallops Day:

October 3 – National Caramel Custard Day:

October 4 – National Taco Day:

October 4 – National Vodka Day:

October 4 – Cinnamon Roll Day (Sweden):

October 5 – National Apple Betty Day:

October 6 – National Noodle Day:

October 7 – National Frappe Day:

October 8 – National Fluffernutter Day:

October 8 – National Pierogi Day:

October 9 – Moldy Cheese Day (Blue Cheese):

October 9 – Submarine-Hero-Hoagie-Grinder Day:

October 10 – National Angel Food Cake Day:

October 11 – National Sausage Pizza Day:

October 12 – National Gumbo Day:

October 13 – National Yorkshire Pudding Day:

October 14 – Chocolate Covered Insect Day:

October 15 – National Chicken Cacciatore Day:

October 15 – National Roast Pheasant Day:

October 16 – National Liqueur Day:

October 16 – World Food Day:

October 17 – National Pasta Day:

October 17 – Four Prunes Day:

October 18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day:

October 19 – National Seafood Bisque Day:

October 19 – Oatmeal Muffin Day:

October 20 – National Brandied Fruit Day:

October 21 – Apple Day:

October 21 – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day:

October 21 – Caramel Apple Day:

October 21 – International Nacho Day:

October 22 – National Nut Day:

October 23 – National Boston Cream Pie Day:

October 23 – National Canning Day:

October 24 – National Bologna Day:

October 24 – Good & Plenty Day:

October 25 – National Greasy Foods Day:

October 26 – Mincemeat Pie Day:

October 26 – Pretzel Day:

October 26 – Pumpkin Day:

October 27 – American Beer Day:

Cooking Shows: Beer Recipes + Reviews

October 27 – National Potato Day:

Cooking Shows: Potato & Sweet Potato Recipes

October 28 – National Chocolate Day:

Cooking Shows: Chocolate Recipes & Reviews

October 28 – Wild Foods Day:

October 29 – National Oatmeal Day:

Cooking Shows: Oats & Oatmeal Recipes

October 30 – Buy a Doughnut Day:

October 30 – Haunted Refrigerator Day:

candy cornOctober 30 – National Candy Corn Day:

Cooking Shows: Candy Recipes & Reviews

candy appleOctober 31 – National Candy Apple Day:

Cooking Shows: Candy Recipes & Reviews

October 31 – Halloween:

Cooking Shows: Halloween Recipes + Reviews

October 31 – Trick or Treat for UNICEF Day:








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