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Eat Better, Eat Healthier Month: Easy Nutrition & Health Guidelines

Eat Better, Eat Healthier Month is here, and we’re going to cover easy guidelines to help you accomplish those two goals.

Simple guidelines, when it comes to healthy eating, are essential to encourage people to apply them. If it is too complicated, people tend not to want to do them.

apple slices7 Easy Nutrition Guidelines:

  • Restrict saturated fats and avoid trans fats. Rather, consume a greater amount of poly & monounsaturated fats.
  • Including as many colorful vegetables & fruits as you possibly can in your daily intake. Potatoes, being starchy, don’t count in that intake.

  • Consuming more whole grains, complex carbohydrates and less refined-grain carbohydrates is essential to healthier eating.
  • Healthier protein sources should be chosen by exchanging red meats for fish, turkey, nuts, legumes or chicken.

  • A healthy diet may allow:
    • up to 35% – 45% calories from fat, provided most fats are unsaturated, or as few as 10%.
    • carbs at 10% – 65% with most coming from fruit, nuts & vegetables, and whole grains are acceptable if sugar & starch are avoided.
    • protein calories constituting 10% – 35% is alright, if proteins are carefully selected.
  • It is best to avoid alcohol & tobacco entirely, but at least significantly reduce their use.
  • For insurance that your nutrition is sufficient, a daily multivitamin is a good idea.

Get Physical:

  • Making an effort to maintain a stable, healthy weight is necessary to keep healthy.
  • Exercising, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be strenuous, is important for good health. At the least, a daily walk is essential. Join a fitness program or your local gym.

Get Some Sleep:

  • Getting a good 8 hrs of sleep per night will keep your physical & mental health stable.

How you combine these suggestions depends on the foods your prefer to eat & your determination to remain healthy.

So, Eat Better, Eat Healthier, everyone!

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I hope you enjoy this Healthy Food Info on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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Author: Ingrid Turner

Ingrid Turner from IngridTurnerToday.com, is a blogger, writer, grandmother, mother, cancer survivor and all around sparkling human being. From cooking, crafts, seniors’ issues, cancer, health, pets, gardening & the like, she entertains us in her writings. Ingrid is also a regular on her daughter's cooking show, “Cooking with Kimberly” @ CookingWithKimberly.com. Website Facebook Twitter YouTube

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