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National Vodka Day & How to Make Black Pepper Vodka

Happy National Vodka Day – oh, the possibilities.

Bison VodkaAlthough vodka looks deceptively like plain water, it is actually a neutral type of spirit distilled from grain.

Generally used is wheat or barley, occasionally corn or rye, and sometimes potatoes, beets or grapes.

Vodka is a good cocktail mixer, as it doesn’t have a strong flavor, and won’t change a cocktail’s taste. There are more and more flavored vodkas available with additions of lime, lemon, vanilla, orange, currants, chili peppers and so many more.

Russian vodka is generally considered best.

To flavor your own vodka, use citrus fruits. * Tip: be certain to scrub any additions thoroughly prior to adding to the vodka.

Steeped for at least 4 hrs even up to a week. Strain & store in the freezer indefinitely. Serve with a garnish of the fruit used to flavor it.

How to Make Black Pepper Vodka:

Black pepper vodka is great served with caviar, and smoked fish.

Type: Cocktail Recipe

Serve with: caviar & smoked fish
Prep Time: 4 min
Steep Time: 4 hrs – 3 days
Makes: 1 bottle



  1. Drop in 1/2 cup whole peppercorns into bottle of vodka.
  2. Steep 4 hours to 3 days. It will slowly darken.
  3. Strain & store in freezer with great hors d’oeuvres.
  4. Hopefully, these ideas will kick up your vodka recipe ideas!

  • Please don’t drink & drive.

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