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Web Chef Review: Just Honest Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company

Ever tried Just Honest Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company?

popcorn kernelsWell, these poppers are wonderful treats.

We travel a lot and we often drive. So, that means stopping at rest areas and gas stations where we often grab a few snacks and drinks.

Just Honest Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company:

This past week, we chose a couple bags of popcorn, Just Honest Caramel Popcorn and Just Honest Butter Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company.

My choice, the caramel flavor, was really fabulous! Seriously, it tasted just like homemade caramel corn.

The butter flavor, tasted like butter, but not exactly like real butter. However, it was quite delicious too.

Just Honest Popcorn is hot-air popped and made with real ingredients for a great taste.

Their new bags are made to easily grip and pour since they’re longer and skinnier.

There’s also a JalapeƱo flavor that we haven’t yet tried, but I suppose we’ll have to now.

Just Honest Popcorn has no trans-fats and is a healthy snack choice with only 140 calories per serving, making them great for when you’re watching your diet, or for the kids.

The ingredients listed are all natural and understandable, not some crazy chemicals and preservatives added. For example, the butter flavor reads: popcorn, corn oil, beta carotene for color, natural butter flavor, salt.

Crunchy, buttery, flavorful with just the right amount of saltiness – this is popcorn done well with honest ingredients & honest taste. Anyways, we liked these flavors – I recommend the caramel flavor.

If you simply don’t have the time to make buttered popcorn or caramel corn for yourself, this is a great way to get a quick flavor fix in.

Just Honest Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company makes some great snacks – try them out for yourself, and tell us what your favorite is too!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

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