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How to Cook Vegetarian Chili Made in a Bare-Bones Fixer-Upper Investment Property Kitchen

Rival Electric SkilletThat’s right! You can be healthy and still cook real recipes, even if you only have a bare bones kitchen when fixing up an investment property…

We spend so much time at our rehab properties that we often end up staying in one to get more cleaning and repairing done, which leaves us with limited seasonings, fresh foods and large appliances to work with.

For dinner today, I made a vegetarian chili out of what we had left in our pantry in this real estate flip house.

We laughed when I talked about what I was going to make because ‘they’ didn’t think it was possible with the little bit of food we had in the cupboard.

All I used was 1 bag of dry pinto beans, which I rinsed off in colander and put into an electric skillet filled with water and turned on high with the lid on and vent open.

NEVER use salt when cooking beans (or anything acidic like citrus or vinegar based sauces), or the beans take a very long time to cook through properly.

I put some pepper and red chili pepper flakes in the water, and boiled the beans for about 2 hours until they were al dente, being sure enough water was in the skillet during cooking and stirring periodically.

When the beans were cooked to the texture I like, I added a can of diced tomatoes, 1 small can of hot bean dip I found from Frito Lay, and garlic pepper seasoning.

(Now, if you have a can of sweet corn, you could add that as well – All we had was cream-style corn, which would have been fine, except I would have only used 1/2 can and then we would’ve wasted the rest, so it wasn’t necessary either.)

Reduce the liquid to a stew-like consistency in the skillet and you’re ready to serve with tortilla chips on the side or crushed on top – or plain Saltines work well too…

We even had cold iced tea freshly brewed thanks to Lipton’s Cold Brew tea bags and some sugar mixed with our ice water from our water cooler.

There was a lot of chili when we started and we have nearly finished the entire thing!

This is a big deal for us because the people I’m eating with love to eat meat and this happened to be vegetarian, but nonetheless was healthy and full of protein too…

You see, it is possible to have fun in the bare bones kitchen even though it may feel like your cooking while camping.

Don’t go out for every meal! Save your money, your time and your waistline and cook at home…It’ll be okay, I promise!

Stay tuned for more creative bare bones kitchen recipes…


I hope you enjoyed this Vegetarian Recipe on Cooking With Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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