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School Lunches Do Not Have to Be a Challenge

brown paper bagIt’s Back-to-School, and what a challenge to keep up with the nutrition, variety & tastes of your child when packing School Lunches

You want to try and keep it simple, easy to transport and handle, as well as being healthy, low in fat, and the list goes on.

Sandwiches are still a great go-to for lunches, using last night’s leftover roast beef or roast chicken on a bagel or in a pita pocket.

Keep it interesting with a couple slices of cheeses preferred by your child.

Celery sticks stuffed with creamed cheese, a hard boiled egg or spring rolls are all handy and nutritious.

Chicken fingers or a lamb kebab with a dip, even deviled eggs are all tasty and high in protein, and maybe something you wouldn’t have thought of.

These are just a few updated, modern ideas to appeal to your child’s palate, and keep everyone happy on their way out the door in the morning, lunch box in hand.

You don’t have to offer a boring bologna sandwich, but once in a while, that too can be acceptable your typical ham & cheese, type of day, when you’re brown bagging it.

Accompaniments like mixed raw vegetables or a small salad, and of course, fresh fruit and/or yogurt.

Family drinking juice at breakfastThe ideas given are also acceptable for adult lunches, and much better than burgers & fries, onion rings, and calorie & fat laden donuts or cookies.

Also, let me stress the importance of children eating a nutritious breakfast before they go to school…It’s really a necessity to jump start their body & their brain.

School lunches can be a breeze with a few easy concepts, mastered will make lunch packing dread a thing of the past in your household!

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Author: Ingrid Turner

Ingrid Turner from IngridTurnerToday.com, is a blogger, writer, grandmother, mother, cancer survivor and all around sparkling human being. From cooking, crafts, seniors’ issues, cancer, health, pets, gardening & the like, she entertains us in her writings.

Ingrid is also a regular on her daughter’s cooking show, “Cooking with Kimberly” @ CookingWithKimberly.com.


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