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Meal & Dessert Pairings for National Dessert Month

It’s National Dessert Month, and who doesn’t enjoy a little something sweet after a great meal?

key lime pieThe dessert course allows for great variety, as it includes such items from fresh fruit with cheese to pastries, cookies, pies, puddings, cakes and everything in between.

Desserts can be simple or complicated, light or more substantial.

Meal & Dessert Pairings:

Imagination is the key when it comes to a dessert that seamlessly follows your main course.

For instance, after a fish course, any citrus flavored dessert is suitable, like key lime or lemon snow pie. Orange chiffon would go well, or a citrus salad with lady fingers.

Whereas after a hearty roast beef dinner, a nice combination might be chocolate cheesecake.

After a luncheon, a berry granita would follow nicely to wake up the palate and refresh you before going back to work.

Cheese & Fruit Pairings:

Montgomery's cheddar cheeseOnce can even turn the much desired cheese tray into dessert by adding compatible fruits to the cheeses.

For example, blue cheeses pair nicely with figs, old cheddars with apples, briney cheese like feta with olives & kiwi, and bries with sweet fruit jellies.

National Dessert Month just got more fun, didn’t it?

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