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American Beer Week is Here!

American Beer Week marks a day of celebration for many, and falls on the 2nd week of October.

ginger beerIt’s possible that, worldwide, beer might be the oldest of alcoholic drinks since records indicate that beer has been brewed for over 6000 years.

From a time centuries ago, it was referred to as “small ale” and families from the very young on drank it in place of water because many water sources were contaminated serving as cattle troughs, human waste disposal, etc.

From beginnings as a humble beverage source to today’s widely advertised & respected beverage, competition as to who has brewed the best beers & ales is strong.

Beer is the result of fermented grain, primarily barley, but sometimes, wheat. In today’s mass market business of making beer, neutrals such as corn or rice may be added to obtain a milder, lighter product.

beer & breadToday’s processes and sequences in beer making include soaking, toasting, re-soaking, drainage, actual brewing, adding seasonings & fermenting, and of course, use of the purest, cleanest water.

Today, whether one chooses light, dark, lager, ale, on tap, bottled, canned, mass produced, micro or home brewed, beer is a greatly desired & consumed beverage of choice.

Certainly, there is a place at the table for beer with food.

What could be nicer than a frosty high ball glass of beer with some tasty appetizer or meal?

Happy American Beer Week!

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