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Web chef Kimberly Turner is the founder of Cooking With Kimberly, where you’ll find Web Chef Ideas for Real Life Cooks!

Find a delicious cooking recipe, great products, and helpful tips & information that will help you explore the joy of cooking at home. ~ Kimberly Turner

Enjoy cooking shows, recipes, reviews & articles that will teach you how to cook from home in an easy way that’s full of flavor.

Kimberly is not only a web chef & culinary host, but she has worked on a number of projects globally ranging from restaurant, menu & food product development, food marketing, advertising & promotion, meal planning for elite athletes & non-athletes alike, all the way through catering, to name a few.

Kicking off a new cooking segment on the Mid-Life Talk Show in October of 2014, Mid-Life Cooking with Kimberly, Kimberly is excited about this show coming out of Dallas, Texas.

Cooking Adventures with Kimberly - tonkalive.comHosting such shows as Kapow Cooking with Kimberly for Kapow Mag, Cooking Adventures with Kimberly for Tonka Live Magazine, Cooking like Alpha Beta Pie on AlphaBetaPie.com, as well as being a frequently featured cooking segment on Niagara-based Newstalk 610 CKTB, many of which were on Tim Denis in the Morning, Kimberly has extensive experience in front of the camera & a global audience.

Kimberly is also an international model & has acting experience in various projects.


At 13 years old, Kimberly trained with the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, living away from home.

At 18 years old, Softball Canada sent her to Australia to play softball and be an ambassador for the sport. Out of Perth, Kimberly played for a softball club, and played on the Western Australian State Team as well.

Going to Canadian Softball Nationals twice and pitching as MVP pitcher of the tournament, Kimberly has extensive experience in health & nutrition as an elite athlete.

Kimberly Turner pitching for Texas A&M - 1997 - kimberly-turner.comKimberly attended the Texas A&M University, McNeese State University & the University of Northern Iowa where she finished her studies and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Pre-Med. Kimberly is nearly finished her degree Education, and has studied minors in Chemistry, Criminology & Coaching.

Throughout university, Kimberly was an elite athlete with full scholarships in softball at Texas A&M University & McNeese State University, where she was a pitcher, 3rd baseman & utility player with a great bat.

At the University of Northern Iowa, Kimberly was the pitching coach for their university softball team. After graduating, Kimberly was a track & field coach for a professional decathlete, as well as female throws coach at Richardson High School in Dallas, TX, a 5A school.

Kimberly’s academic & athletic background give her an edge when it comes to health, nutrition & dieting in a healthy way.

Working closely with athletes from many backgrounds & disciplines, including boxing & martial arts, meal plans are a forte for this web chef.


Kimberly grew up as a young child, spending much time in the kitchen alongside her Mother, who loved to cook. Ingrid, Kimberly’s Mom, would allow her to help prepare, mix, taste test and just assist her in general for fun.

Kimberly quickly fell in love with her family’s traditional recipes, and her mother’s passion for cooking and providing delicious, healthy food for the family to share at the dinner table together every night.

Kimberly Turner diving with whale sharks - Exmouth, Western Australia - 1995 - kimberly-turner.comWhen Kimberly moved to Australia as a teenager, and went to university in the Southern United States subsequently, she couldn’t find the foods she wanted to eat, that she craved…comfort food from home. She quickly started learning recipes over the telephone when she would speak with her Mother, so she could also recreate the foods she always loved, as well as learning new techniques as needed.

Kimberly honed her skills in university, cooking for friends and athletes she hung around with, as an athlete herself. Creating the decadent, delicious dishes she loved, and combining them with more nutritious ideas is what has developed Kimberly’s style of cooking.

An ethnic background with Eastern European flair, Kimberly’s Ukrainian & German roots developed her soul food foundation. Spending extended periods of time in Australia, and the southern USATexas, Louisiana & Iowa – and hailing from Canada, Kimberly cooks with regional purism, as well as fusions of these cuisines.

On this site, you will see a plethora of recipes, including many different ethnic food recipes, she enjoys making as well.

It will be a gastronomic adventure for your mouth whenever you make a recipe Kimberly brings to you.

What’s on your menu tonight?

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

Food Philosophy:

Kimberly has a unique spin on what her food philosophy is. It may be out of the ordinary to some.

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