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11 Aphrodisiac Foods: Valentine’s Day Treats

love heartsIt’s Valentine’s Day, and many of you are thinking up a romantic idea for two, and Aphrodisiac Foods can get your heart racing…

There is a wide variety of aphrodisiac foods out there, but here are 11 of my favorites.

11 Aphrodisiac Foods:

The foods below are not in any particular order or ranked as aphrodisiacs.

1. Avocado:

avocadoAn avocado is a rich, creamy food full of great things for your body, but there’s more to the story of this stone fruit. The Azetcs called these trees, “testicle trees” because they grow in groups of two and have a similar shape. To boot, these Aztecs disallowed maidens to even leave the house while the avocados were being harvested for fear of being taken over by the atmosphere.

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2. Almonds:

almondsAlmonds, aside from having fertility-enhancing vitamin Emagnesium, and even fiber. They have been looked upon as an aphrodisiac since the times of the Bible. Even Samson used almond branches to attempt to wrangle in his “beloved” Delilah. The fragrance of the blossoms is reported to be most arousing in nature to the female of our species.

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3. Asparagus:

asparagusAsparagus is not only in a phallic shape, it’s also fun to eat with your hands, making it a very tactile experience, if you want it to be. Not only that, asparagus stimulates the genitourinary tract…maybe that’s why it is also arousing in nature.

  • Note: Asparagus can tend to alter the aroma of your urine in a not-so-great way, at times. Eat in moderation for a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day.

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4. Bananas:

green bananasWildly phallic in shape, bananas have a sweet, fruity, familiar aroma that can stimulate your brain, as well as your imagination. Dipped in chocolate, and you may have a problem with this oh-so-tasty combination of aphrodisiac foods.

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5. Chocolate:

chocolate puddingAztec ruler, Montezuma, enjoyed his cup of hot chocolate, and celebrated it as an aphrodisiac, as he had a harem of 600! Casanova even used it to seduce women. Chocolate contains a number of chemicals, seemingly activating the pleasure centers of the brain. Plus, it’s decadent, creamy & rich as you allow it to melt on your tongue. Perfect for V-day!

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6. Strawberries:

Killer Strawberry with Kimberly Edwards - CookingWithKimberly.comStrawberries may just be the perfect Valentine’s Day food being that they are actually heart-shaped. With their familiarly fruity fragrance, our mouth waters as we inhale the scent.

In many ancient cultures, strawberries were looked upon as symbols of fertility and associated with respective goddesses. Aphrodite was said to have cried tears in the form of these heart-shaped strawberries over Adonis, her fallen lover. Even in Norse mythology, the goddess Freya is associated with strawberries & fertility. Well, it stands to reason with the numerous seeds studding it’s outer flesh.

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7. Champagne:

champagne with foie gras pate on crackersTickling the nose & tongue, the effervescence of champagne carries the fragrant grapes that were used in the creation of such luxurious a bevvy.

Now, sparkling wine is essentially the same beverage, just not created in Champagne, France. It’s not allowed to be called “champagne,” if it’s not from this specific region. Every other is called sparkling wine.

  • Note: Don’t forget, it has alcohol, and lowers inhibitions as well. Drink responsibly.

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8. Figs:

figsAn outside-in flower, the fig’s one of the most divine of fruits with its sweet flesh & enticing seeds, which leave you wanton for more.

It has been hypothesized that in the Garden of Eden, Eve tempted Adam with a fig, not an apple. Upon getting busted for this disobedience, God found the two hiding, and covering their privates with fig leaves, from the same tree they ate from.

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9. Pomegranate:

Persephone with a pomegranateWell, a love triangle in Greek mythology had Aphrodite’s extra-marital boyfriend, Adonis, finding comfort with Persephone. Now, Persephone ate but one seed of a pomegranate, and was banished to the Underworld much of each year.

Besides these steamy trysts, the pomegranate has been attributed to fertility in many ancient cultures, with it’s numerous, plump, red, juicy, sweet-tart seeds it’s full of.

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10. Honey:

HoneyKnow where the word “honeymoon” came from? Well, newlyweds were given a ration of 1 month’s worth of mead, which is a honey wine of sorts. Thus, the word honeymoon. Heck, we even call our honies, “honey,” don’t we?

It’s sticky, it’s thick, it’s sweet & sexy. Honey is an ultimate aphrodisiac with tons of nutrients & wonderful substances, all collected from those bees frolicking & flitting from flower to lovely flower. Oh my…

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11. Oysters:

Oysters - fannybayoysters.comSexy & swanky, luxurious & enticing. Our taste buds dance with excitement before we feel the cool shell on our lips and taste the oyster’s liqueur. Then, we caress it with our tongue and swallow it, picking up all the individual nuances from oyster to oyster. Topped with exciting flavors like cocktail sauce with horseradish & spicy chili sauce, lemon juice & vodka. Each oyster is a uniquely seductive experience.

Aside from all of that sensual stuff, oysters are filled with zinc, which is an important building block of testosterone production. Hey, 50 of these a day for Mr. Casanova, himself…

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So, on this Valentine’s Day, I’m sure you’re thinking about a few new menu options now, with this enlightenment on these 11 Aphrodisiac Foods.



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