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Mythology, Storage & Uses of Pomegranates: National Pomegranate Month

November is National Pomegranate Month is here, and first we’re going back in time…

Then, we’ll cover pomegranate uses, as well as storage.

Persephone with a pomegranateThe Pomegranate in Greek Mythology:

How’s your recollection of Greek mythology?

Do you remember sneaky Hades offering Persephone to eat only one pomegranate seed, and thereby tricking her into having to return for 1/3 of the year to spend the winter months in the underworld. Apparently, it was the fact that she ate food in the underworld that bound her to her fate.

Don’t you wonder how Persephone only kept to eating just one of those red cells holding the delicious pulp & seed? Amazing!

Storing Pomegranates:

When purchasing pomegranates, avoid those dull looking or pink ones. They tend to dry out at room temperature, but can be kept in the refrigerator for over two weeks.

The gem colored seeds can be refrigerated in an air tight container for a couple of days, and look beautiful sprinkled on salads — also, fruit salads, rice pilaf, meat dishes & desserts.

Refrigerated pomegranate juice is very tasty & easy to make. It’s a bit tangy, and a little sweet.

pomegranate plant

Uses for Pomegranates:

As well as being beautiful on your plates, pomegranates make lovely table decorations. Perfect when entertaining.

The easiest way to remove the seeds is to cut it into quarters lengthwise & remove seeds from the papery membrane.

A healthy addition to your diet. Since this is a red fruit, it is packed full of nutrients, vitamin C, as well as having other beneficial qualities, including lots of antioxidants.

National Pomegranate Month can be amazing, if you let it!

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