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How to Make Haskapa Lime Milkshakes + Video

Haskapa Lime Milkshakes are unbelievable delicious and a bright, refreshing treat any time of day, any day of the week.

How to Make Haskapa Lime Milkshakes - cookingwithkimberly.comSweet & tangy haskap, kicked up with lime, in a creamy drink that’s the most gorgeous shade of pink you’ve ever seen, these milkshakes will be a hit with the kids & adults alike.

Haskapa Lime Milkshakes:

I use Haskap Jam & Haskap Juice in these shakes and these amazing products are made with the haskap berry, made by Haskapa in Nova Scotia. This delicious purplish berry is an oval berry about an inch long, and it tastes like a combination of blueberry, cranberry & elderberry – so sweet and tasty, it has you asking for more.

Web Chef Review: Haskapa Jam - cookingwithkimberly.comHaskapa’s Jam is tangy & sweet with plump haskap berries making things even more exciting. This jam is perfect on toast, in salad dressings, in baked goods, with desserts & more. A deep purple-crimson color also pairs gorgeously with hors d’oeuvres.

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Web Chef Review: Haskapa Juice - cookingwithkimberly.comHaskapa’s Juice is equally sweet & tangy, and rich in antioxidants. Its beautiful color lends a vibrancy to your bevvies, and zip to sauces of all sorts. Try using Haskapa Juice as a mixer with cocktails, or as the liquid in baking.

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Purchase Haskapa Products:

Check them out online for their whole line of delectable products:

Every item I have tried has been tastier than the last and I can’t choose a favorite – they are all that good!

Type: Beverage Recipe

Prep Time: 5 – 6 min
Yield: 2 milkshakes

The ingredients & instructions are listed below the video for measurements & directions. Please enjoy this webisode of Cooking with Kimberly:



  1. Koolatron Total Chef Miracle Blender - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comIn a blender, mix ice cream, Haskapa Jam, Haskapa Juice, lime juice, milk, and ice cubes and blend thoroughly.
  2. Pour milkshake mixture into to large, tall glasses and enjoy this amazingly delicious drink.

This fantastic purplish pink milkshake is creamy and full of Haskap berry flavor, sweet and refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Haskapa - haskapa.comThis show is brought to you by Haskapa:

Try this simple recipe How To Make Haskapa Lime Milkshakes and treat yourself and your loved ones, or guests, to amazing milkshakes made with this delicious Haskap berry jam and juice.

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