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How to Make Crab Stuffed Snow Peas: Easter Surprises

snow peasAt our house, we like to serve something fresh & tasty for an Easter appetizer and this recipe for How To Make Crab Stuffed Snow Peas is ideal.

A creamy crab stuffing for crisp snow peas…bright & colorful, but most of all, these are absolutely delicious.

How To Make Crab Stuffed Snow Peas:

It is worth the extra time it takes because everyone seems to enjoy this treat.

Type: Appetizer Recipe

Prep Time: 40 min
Cook Time: 1 min – blanching
Yield: 24 stuffed peas



  1. crab drawingIn a bowl, combine crab meat, mayo, blue cheese, parsley, cayenne, garlic powder, salt & pepper, lemon juice, and red pepper. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Place snow peas on a working area, with the open side up. Spread open and fill each pea with crab mixture. * Tip: If there is extra mixture left, prepare a few more peas as needed.
  3. Sprinkle tops with paprika to garnish.
  4. Arrange peas on a serving platter, set on a bed of baby spinach, cress or lettuce.
  5. Garnish with lemon wedges & cherry tomatoes.

This is an appetizer your family & friends will request often, and you will be proud to serve using this recipe for Crab Stuffed Snow Peas.

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