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National Ethnic Foods Month: The Heart of Our Favorite Foods

National Ethnic Foods Month allows us to reflect upon the eclectic nature of our world today, the fusion of cuisine & culture, and the heart of our favorite foods.

SushiNorth America, being such a melting pot of cultures has brought us a wide variety of cuisines that speak to us of the many original homelands and their best loved foods.

What is ethnic these days? Well, that’s all relative to you, your heritage or background and the location of where you live now. For every food out there, there is someone who thinks it’s ethnic…

Ethnic Food Favorites:

Now, I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. My background is German, and my family immigrated from a small village in Southern Russia, just to give you a glimpse into the tapestry that forms my own culinary afghan of favorites or soul foods.

For instance, some of my favorites that come to mind are:

  • Perogies: My husband’s roots, being Ukrainian, as well as my German background provided this in my household as I grew up and continued throughout my adult life, all the way up to today, and my daughter now makes them for me.
  • Fruit Moos: Fruit stews made of all sorts of local, seasonal fruit for dessert or used as an accompaniment with dinner, as you would use cranberry sauce with turkey dinner – Eastern European recipe.

  • Cabbage Rolls: Just about everywhere in Eastern Europe makes their own versions of cabbage rolls, called different things in different languages.
  • Goulash: A spicy & heart beef stew that stimulates your senses, served over rice. How on Earth couldn’t you consider this dish a soul food favorite?

Some other favorites I have are paella, kebabs, tabouli, and fried rices, just to name a few.

These foods came to us, probably in their original form, and by now, we have changed and adjusted them to suit our easily obtained ingredients and particular tastes.

Corn - CookingWithKimberly.comI simply adore a great spread of various Ethnic Foods. it is such a deep insight as to where we’ve come from, and what satisfies our palate.

As well, it exposes us to the other cultures of which we now have become a part of, and it reminds our youngsters of the rich cultures from which they descended from.

Happy National Ethnic Food Month! Enjoy…

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Author: Ingrid Turner

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