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4 Delicious Super Bowl Tailgating Trends

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the tastiest days of the year…with tailgating parties popping up everywhere.

How to BBQ Pepper Crusted Eye of Round Beef Roast - cookingwithkimberly.comSinful delights filled with cheese, bacon, sour cream, sauces & deep fried deliciousness galore.

Hearty meats, amazing side dishes, and exciting appetizers & snacks…not to mention alcoholic beverages galore.

Check out these divine Bacon Mashed Potatoes for Super Bowl:

4 New Super Bowl Tailgating Trends:

As the years roll on, and Super Bowl tailgating parties ensue, there are a few trends I’m seeing emerge lately.

1. More Ethnic Flavors:

With the flavor fusions going on around the globe in past decades, flavors from all over the world inundate our grocery stores & markets alike…interesting produce, as well as different cuts of meat and more exotic ingredients.

Your typical Buffalo wings aren’t the only thing on the menu these days…Try tandoori or biryani chicken wings. Other great flavors include such ideas as German beer battered, wasabi crusted, jerk wings, and even spicy coconut crusted wings.

Spice up your tailgate party with interesting flavors that will make you feel like globetrotters & pioneers.

Check out these Perfect Taste Biryani Chicken Wings:

2. Healthy Fare:

As more and more people are watching their waistline, as well as their health, Super Bowl can be a scary event for those trying to adhere to their New Year’s resolutions this close to the turn of the year…

Healthy ideas for tailgating include turkey burgers, avocado lime deviled eggs, and flavorful chilis!

Eliminating or switching out certain fatty ingredients can make a huge difference in the nutrition of your sporty treats.

Also, eliminating the alcohol on Super Bowl greatly reduces the ingested amount of calories.

Check out these lower-calorie Avocado Lime Deviled Eggs:

3. Custom Food Bars:

Food bars for salads, baked or mashed potatoes & ice cream is a great way to please the masses with a few different flavors, and their choice of toppings.

A chicken wing bar is a great way to spice up your Super Bowl table. You can either make a number of different style wings.

Even more simply, bake and/or deep fry plain chicken wings seasoned with salt & pepper, and serve a plethora of different dipping sauces to satisfy everyone’s favorite flavors. Serve the staples like Buffalo, blue cheese & BBQ sauce, hot sauce too…but try including ranch, tzatziki, tahini, curry, horseradish, lemon, marinara – the list is endless!

Check out this heavenly hot sauce:

4. Newbies Welcome:

In the past, I’ve noticed that the serious, veteran tailgaters are the ones who lug around a giant BBQ system behind their trucks to the football game to entertain & enjoy the festivities out of the back of their vehicle…thus, the reason it’s called a Tailgate Party.

A new trend I’ve noticed is that newbie tailgaters are getting in on the act with easy to install & use BBQs that can attach to a hitch on a vehicle. These can be found at many warehouse stores, as well as Super Store chains like Walmart.

Well, you’re all caught up to date on the newest trends in Super Bowl tailgating. Grab yourself some great recipes & enjoy the game!


I hope you enjoy this Sports Tailgating fun on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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