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Why Rice is So Amazing

RicesRice is a staple food in much of the Eastern World, with the Western World shortly behind it.

It’s difficult to find an American or Canadian table that doesn’t eat rice at least once per week, either as a side dish or as part of their main dish.

Rice Recipes abound online, whether it’s Asian cuisines, Indian, Cajun or Creole, Italian, even Ukrainian.

The world of rice is limitless as it is relatively inexpensive, easy to combine with other ingredients, and boasts a wide variety of color, types, sizes and flavors.

Wild rice boasts itself as being rice, but it’s actually a grass seed, often mixed into other rice to add texture, color and added flavor.

Another amazing thing about rice is that when combined with either a legume or bean, or dairy, they make a complete protein in a vegetarian manner. Often much more inexpensive than any meat you can purchase, this is a great alternatives for both vegetarians & vegans alike, not to mention regular meat-eaters that could use a break on veggie-day.

When it comes to nutrition, stay away from the parboiled, 5-minute rice that’s simply reconstituted, like Uncle Ben’s or Minute Rice. The “regular” rice does take longer to cook, and a bit more babysitting, but it is well worth the time to your body and taste buds.

The best way to become a rice connoisseur is to experiment. Purchase an inexpensive rice cooker – you will be so glad you did! It is an invaluable kitchen appliance that perfectly cooks rice every time no matter what type you use.

Your rice cooker can also be used to combine different rice recipes in “one pot”, and can make small beans quickly & efficiently.

So, try some rice on for size this week. Maybe try some red rice, Basmati or my favorite, Jasmati (basmati with jasmine scent).

Also, many rice recipes taste better and have better texture when the rice is cooked al dente, instead of completely mushy. Try it! You’ll like it!


I hope you enjoy this Rice Info on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

P.S. Grab some great Organic Brown Basmati Rice!

Basmati Rice, Brown-Organic - 10 Lb Brown Basmati-(Organic): GR

Basmati Rice, Brown-Organic – 10 Lb Brown Basmati-(Organic): GR

Organic Brown Basmati Rice is one of the most flavorful rice varieties available. This rice has a unique popping corn fragrance and flavor. This rice has a texture and cooking time just like any other variety, is great for using as a side dish or as a bed for fresh cooked meats and vegetables. Each case consists of ten pounds.


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Author: Kimberly Turner

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Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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