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New Favorite for Pizza and Chicken Wings in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Pizza Chef Poster PrintI must admit…when I order Pizza in Niagara Falls, Ontario, I usually resort to Pizza Hut – I love their crust.

If I’m looking for cheap, Little Caesar’s has the $5 Hot N’ Ready – then you “doctor it up” at home yourself!

I was craving pizza the other night and wanted to order Pizza Hut…However, they told me their delivery guy went home sick. Glad they did that as you wouldn’t want a guy with the flu delivering your pizza and wings, right?

So, I decided to live a little…open the phone book and try someone new…I didn’t have anything to lose except my serious pizza craving!

I perused the Niagara Falls and area yellow pages under pizza and found a place very close to us that sounded good, had much more to choose from than pizza and wings, with a full menu in the book and special deals already listed for you – Papa’s Pizzeria Eatery & Bar.

Plus, they’ll deliver until 4 am every day – difficult to find in our area, that’s for sure!

I also love a place that has more interesting pizza toppings than the usual…And they had honey garlic wings (I won’t order wings that aren’t honey garlic).

The total for a good sized 8 slice pizza with 3 toppings and 20 wings cost us $29.30. Actually, that’s a pretty good price for our area.

They arrived with a hot delivery, not cold, within 45 minutes. The delivery driver was very nice and polite too! Kudos for that!

Now, most importantly…Taste!

The Pizza: Firstly, the crust wasn’t too thick, but not too thin either – it was perfect. Plus, it was perfectly baked – crispy, not burnt and had an amazing flavor! I got our pizza with green olives, tomato slices and feta cheese! Absolutely fabulous pizza.

THE BEST PIZZA I’ve had in our area, by far!!!

The Wings: Now, I’m a really fussy wing girl too! They were phenomenal! Not too garlicky, not sticky with honey.

They were fried first, retained serious crispiness – my favorite – and they had a fabulous flavor! They happened to be out of celery and carrots, but did bring us blue cheese nonetheless!

THE BEST WINGS I’ve had in our area, by far!!!

All in all, Unbelievable…Surprisngly Hot! I’m so glad we took a chance and discovered our new favorite pizzeria!

Try them out…You’ll be happy you did! Here’s their info:

Papa’s Pizzeria Eatery & Bar
8040 Lundy’s Lane
Niagara Falls, Ontario
(905) 374-1488 or (905) 371-1488


I hope you enjoyed this Restaurant Review on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Be sure to check out more of what Niagara has to offer in food!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

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  1. What can I say, pizza restaurants are really the best and they can really fill my belly!

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  2. We actually ordered a 24 slice tonight with Canadian bacon, pepperoni & green peppers…It was probably the best pizza we’ve had all year long, that’s for sure!

    Really great – I love this place!

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