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How to Dice an Onion Properly

Onions - CookingWithKimberly.comI have been getting a lot of comments and questions about chopping Onions…

…How much people hate doing so because they smell bad, it’s difficult, the onions make their eyes water, and so on.

Onions are your friend! Not only are they very healthy for you. You can even Get Rid of Your Cold with Onion!

They are the basis to MOST ethnic cuisines around the world, and the basic building block for flavor in many dishes.

Don’t stress! Don’t cry! I’m here to help you…

* Here’s a video tutorial to assist you when dicing & chopping onions to do it properly, quickly & easily! Below the video are the written instructions!

Now, you’ll be ready for all of your onion needs.

If you use a sharp knife, it will easily slice through the onion without releasing so much of the irritants that bother your eyes and nose. Not only that, you won’t be so frustrated and likely won’t injure yourself when you’re chopping.

Be sure to follow these steps below…


  • 1 onion

Tools Needed:

  • sharp chef’s knife
  • cutting board


  1. First, slice onion in half from tip to root.
  2. Chop about 1/2″ of the tip off, not root end.
  3. Peel off skin from each half of the onion, keeping root end intact and holding onion together.
  4. Laying onion with the flat end down on the cutting board, slice down from one end to the other parallel to root/tip line, slicing through the end where the tip was, but not slicing all the way through to the root end leaving about 1/2″ leeway, because the root end will keep it all together. Make consecutive strokes next to each other, trying to be as uniform as possible.
  5. Next with chef’s knife parallel to the cutting board, starting at the bottom of the onion through to the top, slice through onion ensuring not to slice all the way through the root end, leaving about 1/2″ leeway. Make consecutive strokes on top of each other, trying to be as uniform as possible.
  6. Then, from the tip end, perpendicular to the root/tip line, slice through the onion from top to bottom all the way through to the root end, trying to be as uniform as possible.

* Tip: For a smaller dice, make strokes closer to each other. For a rougher chop, make less strokes through the onion in each direction.

Now, you have onions ready for any dish you want to flavor with this vegetable. Here is a list of Onion Recipes & Information on the site.

See, that wasn’t so bad! The quicker you work, the less your eyes and nose will be irritated by the onion fumes.


I hope you enjoy this How to Cook Video on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

Kimberly Turner is the web-chef behind CookingWithKimberly.com. Food writer, food consultant and general lover of the delicious treats on our planet, Kimberly brings you hearty content, delicious offerings, fun antics, and some down-home cooked love with her mom making cameos. Internet entrepreneur and marketer, International model, and Editor-in-Chief of a number of online publications. Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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