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Web Chef Review: Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea

Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea - Qualifirst.comBAM…It hits you!

You opened a box of Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea, and what did you experience?

A euphoria for your senses. The first thing that got you was the fragrance from the perfectly sealed bag inside that pretty box.

These unbleached tea bags smell so good that it might just cross your mind to throw a few in your clothes drawers because they tantalize your senses.

With exotic tones of cinnamon, lemon peel, cloves and fennel seeds mixed in with quality fair trade tea, this tea will take you into South Asian territories.

Check out this webisode of “What I Say About Food” here:

Chai is usually made with a mixture of Darjeeling teas. This tea from Clipper is a black tea and should be treated as such, unlike a straight Darjeeling, which is much more delicate.

“Treated as such” means you are able to use boiling water straight from the pot on the tea without worrying about scorching/burning the leaves. Also, you are able to brew it for a longer period of time up to 5 minutes, depending upon how strong you prefer your Chai.

Web Chef Review: Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea - CookingWithKimberly.comChai can be sweetened and can be enjoyed with milk as well. I prefer honey in mine. In the video above, I used Royal Command Acacia Honey, and it was delicious.

Sometimes I like milk, and a lot of it. Really, it just depends on how I enjoy the flavor of that particular chai blend.

Different spices can be added to chai other than those listed above, such as cardamom, and there are times lemon peel is nudged out by orange peel. It really just depends on preference and region.

These tea bags should only be used once, as they are black tea. That’s how you get the best brew.

I did not get this tea at my grocer, as they don’t carry it. You can find Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea & Royal Command Acacia Honey at:


I hope you find this Food Product Review helpful on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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  1. Love this tea, a feel good tea & the smell is just divine.. you can heated it up in a pot with almond milk & honey, for a chai tea latte!

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    • Mmmmm…that sounds like a delicious idea, Shelli! Great tip! Thanks for stopping by to check out the article & show, and for leaving a great comment too! Have a wonderful week,


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