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How to Make Superfine Sugar at Home

SugaredCranberriesConfused as to what the heck Superfine Sugar is, and why it’s necessary at all?

Well, superfine sugar is known to be used when making candies, canning, brining and other specialty applications.

Basically, it’s just a finer grain of sugar than the caster sugar, and this is due to further processing, which you can accomplish in your very own kitchen. This way, you’ll always have superfine sugar when you need it without having to run to the store to purchase an entire container of it for one project or recipe you want to make.

Today, for instance, I am using this superfine sugar I’m making for making Sugared Cranberries, and I’m looking for better, finer coverage over the surface of my cranberries.

Type: Sweet Ingredient
Prep Time: 3 min
Yield: slightly less than 1 cup sugar

The ingredients & instructions are listed below the video for measurements & directions. Please enjoy the video below.


  • 1 cup white caster sugar


  1. Using a food processor, add 1 cup white caster sugar and process for 2 minutes on highest speed. * Tip: Cover the top hole of the food processor to ensure that the sugar dust doesn’t escape.
  2. This should be the texture of superfine sugar. Process further for a finer grain.

Use this Superfine Sugar for coating fruits, candies, or for canning or brining.


I hope you enjoy this Cooking Tip on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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