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How to Make Lemon Glaze for Baked Goods

Lemon Glaze for baked goods is so alluring.

Not only can this glaze give a cookie or cake a bit of a tangy kick & a shiny coating, it is also a great choice for a basic glaze that won’t really detract from the flavors in your baked goods.

How to Make Lemon Glaze:

basket of lemonsThis lemon glaze is to be applied to cookies while they are still on the cookie sheets, but hot from the oven. After waiting a few minutes while partly cooled, transfer cookies to a cooling rack.

This will give these cookies a slightly shiny crust & some extra sweetness.



  1. Stir thoroughly until combined, confectioners sugar, lemon juice & vanilla extract.
  2. Use immediately for brushing over the surface of gingerbread men.

Try this lemon glaze out on your next sugar cookies or gingerbread men alike.

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