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Beyoncé’s Celebrity Maple Syrup Diet?: Culinary Questions with Kimberly

maple syrupOn Culinary Questions with Kimberly, we’re discussing Beyoncé’s Celebrity Maple Syrup Diet.

I don’t know if I would actually say that this is a real diet, but rather a cleanse, because it’s a short term thing and she’s not on it all the time. So, I think we should talk about it.

Personally speaking, I think people should be cleansing a heck of a lot more often than they do. Much more often!

When Spring time comes, and people are thinking about fitting into their swimwear, especially bikinis, they are inclined to frantically grasp at the first headline they see – especially when it refers to the shapely Beyoncé and they happen to hear about her use of a Maple Syrup Diet.

Check out this webisode of Culinary Questions with Kimberly for more information:

Cleansing has nothing to do with reduction of body fat. Cleansing has to do with cleaning your body out. You clean so many other things in your life, and your body also needs to be cleaned out periodically to keep healthy.

There have been many comments, criticisms & opinions about Beyoncé using the Maple Syrup Diet. Again, this is just a cleanse, not a diet, and it is not dangerous to cleanse your body to keep it healthy.

Firstly, the “Diet” consists of maple syrup, then organic lemon juice, filtered water and cayenne pepper – and that’s it. To me, that sounds like a maple flavored lemonade with some healthy spice to kick it up. Sounds tasty to me. I’m glad there’s no apple cider vinegar in it because that can be tough to do . I have no problem with this cleanse.

If you are about to try this cleanse, be sure you aren’t being taken advantage of when it comes to the maple syrup. If you go to a site that offers super expensive maple syrup – beware. Conversely, if it is offered at a very inexpensive price, it could be watered down, or artificially flavored, as well as containing sugar. Get your maple syrup from a site you know & trust, and be sure the syrup actually comes from tapping of a maple tree.

One place I’ve seen online is MapleSyrupAndSupplies.com and they carry varying grades of maple syrup, according to strength and flavor. Their prices seem reasonable and they are located in Wisconsin, where they do have maple trees and the climate would support tapping the maples for syrup.

For the purpose of a cleanse, you can probably get away with a B Grade syrup – great flavor will not make a better cleanse. Your maple syrup provides you with needed calories, and it’s the substance of what you are eating or drinking in a cleanse. In this case, maple syrup will give you the calories you need to energize you & keep you going during the day. Just make sure it does not have extra additives in it.

So, check out reliable sites, and if you are inclined to try this cleanse, make sure you get only the ingredients you really need, and from a reliable source.


I hope you enjoy this Maple Syrup info on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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