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Web Chef Review: Side Skewer Center Piece Set from Mutt Shop Products

Something to make your life easier and better – a Side Skewer Center Piece Set from Mutt Shop Products, and I love using this useful and versatile set.

How to Roast Corn-on-the-Cob on a Side Skewer Set - cookingwithkimberly.comIt even looks cool, doesn’t it? I have used this side skewer set for cooking a variety of food.

The way it is set up, when you place the food – veggies, fruit, even meat, on the skewer spikes, it can cook on all sides, eliminating the need for frying and using too much fat.

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

The skewers lay flat on your BBQ and are easy to fill and to remove, just like with my recipe for BBQ Mole Chicken Side Skewers.

The set comes with 5 skewers, and that gives each person a healthy amount of food. It is so beautiful when you have food on all the skewers, and you can place the whole set on a tray for the table. A very impressive showstopper presentation! Great for sharing at a barbeque party or picnic – a real conversation piece.

Mutt Shop Products - muttshopproducts.comThe skewers all come off easily and have little slots to fit them on the holder. As with the other Mutt Shop Products pieces I’ve used, they are all dishwasher-safe and made of sturdy stainless steel that is easy to store.

You can find this Side Skewer Centerpiece Set online @:

Recipes with this Side Skewer Set:

I heartily recommend this Side Skewer Center Piece Set from Mutt Shop Products for your cooking convenience and pleasure.

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