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How to Make Kimberly’s Creamed Cheese Icing

Bernard Carrot Dietary Cake MixPerfect for cupcakes or chocolate cake, or Carrot Cake, especially at Easter time…It may sound funny, but I use all organic ingredients for this recipe, even though it’s a dessert!
~ Kimberly Edwards ;D

Type: Dessert
Serve With: Kimberly’s Carrot Cake
Prep Time: ~ 20 min
Yield: Enough for 1 carrot cake or 12-16 cupcakes


1. Using room temperature creamed cheese, cream well, add icing sugar and beat until smooth.

2. Add cold melted butter, vanilla & lemon juice to reach spreading consistency.

* Tip: If necessary only, add 1 tsp heavy cream to reach desired consistency.

3. Refrigerate about 10-15 min to firm up enough to spread easily.

4. After icing cake or cupcakes, it can be garnished with toasted coconut, nut halves, sprinkles or whatever, if desired.

5. Enjoy the pure pleasure of your dessert with a glass of milk!

* Tip: For Easter, the icing can be garnished with jellybeans, especially if you are making cupcakes.


I love love love this icing…I always wish there was more!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards ;D

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photo: healthyindulgences.blogspot.com

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