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Eating & Food Philosophy with Web Chef Kimberly Turner + Video

Killer Strawberry with Kimberly Edwards - CookingWithKimberly.comToday, I figured I would share with you some of my food philosophy.

I often get inbox messages everywhere as to how I stay fit and eat so many crazy things…and I thought I would address that briefly here.

I feel I have a different philosophy on food and cooking than many people out there.

Watch the video below for Kimberly’s views & enjoy the information in the post too:

ENJOY the Food You Eat:
Firstly, I want to really ENJOY what I eat…not just eat it for the sustenance of it all; not just to create a halfway dish that tastes halfway as well.

This is where I think a lot of people out there “go wrong” with food, especially when you are trying to eat healthy, lose weight or cut their calories back.

When a person doesn’t eat things that are tasty, then their cravings are never really satisfied…They think about food constantly, where the next meal will come from, what they will eat…and more so, all the things they really want to eat!

The hunger is relentless. This is no fun. This does not make you feel good. This makes you and everyone around you miserable. 🙁

All you really want is something that’s tasty…that something that will calm that craving and beat down those hunger pains.

Listen to Your BODY:
Secondly, I believe it’s important to listen to your body. That’s what I do…

Imposed “Rules” about food from so-called “Experts” don’t abide in my household, that’s for sure. You know what I’m talking about…The fru-fru, pompous nature of some of the “chefs” out there who say you can only eat this food with this food, and this food goes with this…This is when you should eat…This is how you should eat it.

All that really matters is what YOU ENJOY EATING, doesn’t it?! If it tastes good to you, who cares if it tastes good to your neighbor, unless you’re cooking for other people regularly. Then, you must compromise, but don’t ever apologize for what you like to eat.

I had a friend in high school who ate peanut butter on her hot dogs. Another friend ate mayonnaise & peanut butter sandwiches, every single day. Who knew a deep fried pickle or Mars bar would be good until they tried it?

So, WHAT you like to eat, and HOW you like to eat it, is up to you. That’s your preference…something that makes you uniquely you. Don’t apologize to anyone for that. Yup, not even for putting ketchup in your Kraft Dinner. 😉

Vice versa as well…If you have a more extravagant palate, hey, that’s all you, baby! Be YOU!

EAT when You are Hungry:
When you are hungry, EAT. When you aren’t hungry, DON’T! Simple, right?! To some people it’s not.

Before you eat, assess your situation out with how hungry you are. For me, that means, if I’m hungry at 3:00am, 7:00am, or maybe not at all that particular day, you must listen to YOU! Sometimes your body is on an entirely different agenda that the expectations of society’s eating 3 x per day with snacks in between all neat & tidy-like. lol

FASTING is Important:
As I just said, maybe I won’t eat at all depending on how I feel, or how my body’s reacting.

Sometimes your digestive system needs a rest from the bombardment of food we smash down our throats, with all the extra baddies in them we’re “not supposed to” eat, but we do, on occasion for sure.

When’s the last time you took the day off from eating…on purpose, I mean? Do you remember? Have you EVER done that? When you do, consult a physician beforehand…that sounds all technical, etc, but just ask at your next regular check up with your doctor, or do like people have done for centuries, listen to their bodies.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids when you are fasting.

Our bodies go through phases. It may be staving off an infection, and be too busy to be bothered with all kinds of other processes.

I don’t believe we listen to our bodies enough, or take our “gutt feelings” seriously – pun intended.

Now, all of you healthy characters out there who are ovo-lacto, no sugar, or dyes, etc., sometimes, when you are craving a chocolate bar, you should just go grab the darn chocolate bar. Savor it to the fullest and keep it moving. I am not downgrading you specialty-dieters because that’s all your preference. In fact, I was a vegetarian for 2 years in university. 😉 #justsayin

We may not be here tomorrow. In fact, no one is promised another day in this life. If you left the world tomorrow, wouldn’t you wish you had eaten that chocolate bar?

The night before we lost my father to his battle with cancer, I asked if he wanted anything, and he sat up in his bed, and said, “I would love a cold beer.” Of course, in the bustle of trying to help him survive his battle, and with him on strong medications, we chuckled it off in the room, but he was serious. He would have drank that beer with a great, big smile and enjoyed it.

The next day, my father was gone. Life lesson learned in an extreme way. I wish we would have just given him the beer and enjoyed in his reveling in the flavor of his last beer. #sadbuttrue

Many of the foods we use to substitute “real” food that’s say high in fat, salt, sugar, whatever, have higher levels of artificial colors, flavors, chemicals you can’t pronounce, AND the worst part about it all is, they aren’t healthier for you, as well as the fact that you often don’t even enjoy the food substitute…You choke it down. Am I right?! I know I am…

For instance, try to tell me that you REALLY, HONESTLY enjoy your margarine better than butter. Tell me that the low-fat yogurt tastes as good as full fat yogurt without sweeteners in it. Diet Coke does not taste better than Coca-Cola. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

MODERATION is Always Key:
This doesn’t mean I go out there and eat a whole bunch of crazy things, stuffing my face with no regard to what I’m taking in.

On the contrary, I listen to my body. 😉

Some people out there think I must be on a very strict diet because I’m fit. Really, I wouldn’t necessarily say that. I cook a wide variety of food, some is full fat & decadent, some is super healthy, but everything is deliciously tasty, and will satisfy those cravings that beat your stomach’s walls down during your day.

I eat what I want, when I want it, for the most part, whether that’s a chocolate bar, chips & soda pop, or a head of lettuce with a whisper of vinaigrette on it. It just depends on what I feel like.

Throw Out “Their” RULES:
Just because cereal is for breakfast, doesn’t mean you’re stuck swimming in your bowl of cereal in the morning with your bloodshot, sleepy eyes. If you want that at midnight, do so. Maybe your body is craving more fiber!

When I was young, my mother found it difficult to keep me fed. I was “finicky” in terms of modern “food rules”. I didn’t want what was traditionally for breakfast. My mother resorted to allowing me to eat whatever I wanted, as long as I ate something. She was worried I’d always be a beanpole. My breakfast of choice, even through university & sometimes to this day, I love eating Cream of Mushroom Soup for breakfast. I’m not apologizing for it.

Spaghetti on Toast is a breakfast favorite of mine as well. Who says I can’t eat this for breakfast? Will the food police come take me to culinary school? Negative…

Get Back to Basics & K.I.S.S.:
Maybe you don’t like eating in the early morning. Maybe your stomach feels more “on point” around 10:00 am or noon.

Maybe you can’t eat a full breakfast plate, you just want a snack or a piece of fruit. For instance, I need to wake up with a cup of tea first before I even think about food for everyone else first, then myself. I know me, and I know I need a little while after I wake up to eat, enjoy it, and still have my body feeling good.

Maybe your stomach hurts at night when you lay down if you eat too late.

It’s possible that when you eat wheat or a dairy product, you don’t feel so good.

Are you listening to what your body is telling you? Don’t do that to it! LOL…Simple, right?

In my opinion, it’s pretty presumptuous of “them” to think all of our bodies act in the same way and the same thing is “right” for everyone.

With as unique as you are as an individual, so is your own body, it’s likes, it’s dislikes, things that are good for it, and things that are bad for it.

Keep up with Your FITNESS:
No one else can or will do this for you. This is a personal challenge for every single one of us every single day. Just get out there, do your workout and be done with it.

You know you’ll be healthier for it. You know you’ll look better for it. You know you’ll feel more confident, won’t you? Yup!

Now, I may not get a “real workout” in every day, but every single day, I’m busy, busy, busy around the house, taking care of the fam, running around doing errands. Take what you do seriously. Use your muscles. Get outside. Start a project – ANY project! If you are at a loss, check out my Web Chef of All Trades Shows, and find something to do! LOL 😉

If you need more structure & peer pressure to get you out there, you know this about yourself. Succumb to it, and join a great local gym or fitness group. B.A.M. Niagara Fitness is responsible for my physique…Honestly, I feel more healthy & more fit than I have ever felt in my entire life. #justsayin #soyouknow

So, take ALL, NONE or ANY amount of this information to heart & use it or not…That’s up to you. YOU have to listen to YOU!

I hope that if you got nothing else out of this post, you got that YOU need to be YOU at all costs.

Be healthy. Be smart. Be good to each other. Be good to yourself too!


I hope you enjoy this webisode of Tea with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

Photo Credits:
Model: Kimberly Edwards
Photo: Jia’s Photography
MUA/Hair: Hajra Khuram of Vive Bridals
Styling: “K, Turn Around” Fashion
Agency: Kapow Models
Kimberly is Made in Niagara! Are you? List your Biz today…

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