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Chinese Supplier Scandal Reveals Suspect Meat

Food News: It is alleged that a Chinese-based supplier of fast-food brands such as KFC & McDonalds is being investigated as to the meat that was supplied to these companies that was out-of-date.

Chinese flagThe Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, head of company and 4 others were detained by police, as well as the company’s quality manager.

Some of the global brands that pulled Husi products from their outlets are McDonalds, Yum Brands Inc – parent co. of KFC and Pizza Hut, as well as Starbucks Corp after information surfaced that Husi supplied expired meat. This is just the latest in safety scandals in China.

Shanghai food and drug reports that the violations at Shanghai Husi were company-led rather than individuals making mistakes, as it appeared to be an organized arrangement by Shanghai Husi.

A Chinese TV report showed staff at Husi picking meat from the floor to add to their meat mix, as well as using expired meat. OSI Illinois claims that it was appalled at these acts and would be investigating the matter.

An employee of Husi claims he witnessed workers picking up raw meat from the floor and including it in the processing containers. The foreman or leader made no comment when he saw this happening. Also, some workers didn’t wear gloves to handle meat – again without being corrected by foremen. It was obviously acceptable by the foremen or leaders for workers to place raw meat that dropped on the floor and put it back for processing.

It has also been alleged that two sets of books were kept relating to food products – one doctored and shown to auditors. Also, it is claimed that Husi staff were informed in advance of what were supposed to be spot visits from auditors.

It has been reported that 1,000 tonnes of meat from OSI that is suspect has been sealed, as well as 100 tonnes of products from various customers. A number of customers have halted sales of suspect products from Husi.

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