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Why My Favorite Pasta Shape is Linguine

Linguine al Limone Pasta mit ZitronengeschmackI think everyone has a particular shaped pasta they prefer over others…

Some people prefer short pasta shapes, some prefer long pasta shapes, some have one of each!

Well, I just thought I’d share my favorite pasta type. By far, I prefer Linguine!

Linguine is a long pasta shape, as you can see in the photos above.

Why do I love Linguine?

  • I love that it is long and you and you can twirl it on your spoon to eat it – so very Italiano. 🙂
  • I like that it is thicker than spaghetti, and thinner than fettuccine.
  • It is perfect to eat al dente because it has the perfect bite!
  • It holds sauce pretty well since it’s a long pasta.
  • It’s fun to say…LOL!

Fusilli Napoletani trafilati gezogen nach Neapolitaner Art PastaIf I had to choose a short pasta shape, I think I would choose fusilli! It looks like a corkscrew and is amazing at holding sauces…It’s a fun shape with some flamboyance. I especially love to spice up the look of my macaroni & cheese by using instead of macaroni elbows, fusilli…try using the multi-colored versions.

Now, as pictured to the right, fusilli can also come in a longer form, which is fabulous as well, but I like the shorter noodles best.

Let us know what your favorite pasta shape is by leaving a comment below.

Until next time,

Eat Deliciously!

P.S. For some food fun, check out this food-filled novel called “Love, Life and Linguine”:

Love, Life and Linguine Love, Life and Linguine

A unique voice, Melissa Jacobs delivers a second fun–filled, food–filled novel. Mimi’s life is an open book, or rather, an open menu. A restaurant consultant, she’s helped launch some of the best restaurants in Philly and around the world. And she even managed to turn her boyfriend Nick into the nation’s hottest celebrity chef. But when she comes home and discovers that Nick’s got a secret tongue–pierced girl on the side, Mimi realizes she doesn’t have the secret to success after all. Needing a change of pace, Mimi heads home to New Jersey. The family restaurant is failing and her brother, unknown to anyone, has made plans to sell. The ultimate Restaurant Diva, Mimi sets out to save the family business––a decision thatt leads her to two potentially perfect new men. All her life Mimi has believed that everyone has one true Soul Mate, but now she’s thinking that idea should be tossed out with last night’s leftovers. Maybe it’s time to select her men the way she selects pastries and produce and sample all there is to offer.

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