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Web Chef Review: Drogheria Black Cyprus Flake Sea Salt

DrogheriaBlackCyprusFlakeSeaSaltI want to share with you one of the coolest ingredients I’ve seen in a very longtime.

In fact, I’d venture to say it’s the most exciting thing in my kitchen now!

This salt is just as the name suggests…it’s black salt.

This salt comes from Cyprus, and is created when it dries in the sun, making crystal pyramids. Then, the salt is enhanced with activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal has added health benefits such as being able to adsorb more poisons than any other substance known to mankind, among other things.

Check out the Web Chef Review here:

Most importantly, it is super tasty! The charcoal adds a flavor likened to that of BBQ food. In fact, I made corn last night as a side dish, added butter, pepper & this Black Cyprus Flake Sea Salt, and it tasted as close to the grill as possible without going outside in 2 feet of snow to BBQ it.

This salt is best used as a finishing salt, meaning you add the salt before you eat, instead of during the cooking process. My reasoning for this is because the charcoal will actually “bleed” into wet ingredients causing them to stain and turn grey, which is not so appetizing.

However, the other night, I seasoned my pork chops with this salt and it looked so very fascinating once cooked.

Another important thing to me is efficiency and ease of use. The grinder that Drogheria uses for their spices is super heavy-duty, and does a bang-up job crushing the spices easily and effectively.

  • Drogheria Black Cyprus Flake Sea Salt is available at Qualifirst.com

Let web chef, Kimberly Edwards, try it before you buy it!


I hope you enjoy What I Say About Food on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

Fine Foods: Qualifirst Foods

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