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My English Nanny’s Tasty Tidbits

TeaWhen I was young, I had an English nanny, Doreen. She was a rather influenial part of MyLife.

What an amazing lady that I loved so much. She was so sweet to me, my sister and my family! She always made sure we’d eaten and had something to drink in traditional English style, and that I was prim and proper in a clean, beautiful outfit!

I’ve spoken of her before on my blog when talking about making Southern Style Sweet Brewed Iced Tea:

My Story:
When I was little, I had an English nanny straight from England. The first time she offered to make my mother a cup of tea, at our house, she noticed that my mother didn’t have PG Tips tea. This is a British favorite and is imported from England, but is available at our grocery stores in Canada (especially A&P). She made quite a fuss about us not having the right kind of teabags, and said that we’ve never had a great cup of tea until we had PG Tips. Well, what followed was that she threw out all of our other brands of plain tea. When she came over the next day, she stocked us up with PG Tips.

We’ve been believers ever since, and we always make sure we are stocked up to this day.

In addition to the PG Tips tea, which I’m drinking as we speak, she always gave me these English “bickies” or biscuits called Farley’s Rusks Biscuits. They’re about the size of a human palm and they’re especially for babies, toddlers and children.

You can eat them dry or as Doreen gave them to me, she’d put it in a bowl and pour hot milk on top of it and I’d eat it sort of like a hot cereal.

I have a box of them on my counter right now…They’re rather difficult to find these days. There are times I find them at Nordstrom’s, believe it or not.

She would always call me “her little Kimby”. I can hear her English accent in my head!

We have lost contact with her, but I’m pretty sure she must still be in the area. So, I checked to see if she was on MyLife.com – I couldn’t find her, but it was well worth the try – I mean, my mother and aunts are on Facebook…LOL…

Maybe you can find your lost friends or mentors in your life there…


I hope you enjoyed this English Food on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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