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How to Use Watermelon Rinds

Knosey Eating Watermelon - TerrierLover.comIt is likely, when you eat watermelon, you don’t eat all the way down to the white rind.

It’s not as sweet, and doesn’t taste as good as the pink, juicy flesh you just otherwise consumed.

Well, there are a few things you can do with it, so as not to waste it, and to stretch out your family budget, so to speak.

Try making watermelon rind pickles, like my grandmother used to. You can/jar them in a brine and enjoy them at a later date alongside sandwiches, in salads, served as a side dish or even put into different recipes. I will have to share that recipe with you soon.

Or another great idea is to give them to your dogs. All of our dogs enjoy watermelon rind. In fact, they see it as a serious treat.

In the summertime, we freeze the rinds and give them to the dogs as a cold, refreshing, fun treat. They really enjoy it.

In actuality, the rind of the watermelon has cancer fighting agents and it’s very good for you.

So, think about that next time you’re eating watermelon. You might eat a little bit closer to the skin.


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photo: TerrierLover.com

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