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Perk Up Employee Outlook with Delicious Coffee

Coffee BeansLife is about tiny pleasures, isn’t it?

In order to keep your employees happy, I think it’s important to provide them with some small luxuries…

…like 2 ply facial tissue, fun stationery or office supplies, and some good tea & coffee!

Production in any division of your business, be it the office, in the factory, board room, meetings or events, can depend upon it.

Tiny luxuries of life keep people going, put smiles on their faces. That cup of coffee might just be the only thing keeping them going during the day.

It’s terrible when you don’t even see employees drinking the coffee because it tastes…um…just wrong, for whatever reason.

On the other side of the coin, a fabulous smelling cup of coffee can completely change your outlook, can’t it?

The worst part? When you go for a cup of coffee and realize what a bad cup you poured into your mug, and even if you doctor it up with creamer & sugar, it won’t make a difference.

How about providing a few Stasero syrups to make everyone happier – maybe even try carrying a small variety for some fun & flavor.

Want do you want to be productivity goes up accordingly? #justsayin

Coffee supply companies provide these types of supplies to large companies all over the world to handle the demands upon caffeine intake.

Usually, they provide not just coffee & syrups, but specialty teas, water, hot chocolate/cocoa, condiments, as well as supplies like cups & stir sticks. You may even be able to find apple cider and specialty waters, if you find a company that carries such a full range of products.

Many suppliers even carry organic coffees…Nice!

So, instead of being the talk around the water cooler, which may not be so becoming, become the talk of the coffee bar! Doesn’t that sound so much better? I’m sure what they say will be better too! lol


I hope you enjoy this Coffee Info on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

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