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Whole Foods Market 365 Brand Organic Milk Review

Dairy Cows Music BoxIf you want a great glass of milk, first of all, go organic!

Secondly, try the 365 brand organic milk, which is Whole Foods Market’s own brand.

It’s creamy, you cannot taste that “antibiotic flavor” most milks on the market have nowadays that aren’t organic.

The milk makes everything you use it with taste even more unbelievably delicious!

Cereal tastes better, cream and cheese sauces are more wonderful, chocolate milk is fantastic and tea with this milk in it is divine!

I know what you’re thinking…”Buying organic is so much more expensive!”

Not so – In fact, I was in a pinch the other day and had to buy a small milk, much smaller than that which we get at Whole Foods Market, and it was nearly double the price of a larger 365 brand organic milk.

Seriously, a 1 qt bottle runs us around $1.39 at our local Whole Foods Market.

Honestly, even if it was a bit more expensive, the flavor really is that much better.

Of course, it is certified organic in that it is milk from cows that are not treated with rGBH (growth hormones) or antibiotics.

I don’t know about you, but I can taste strange things in milk that’s not organic!

Try it out – you’ll see exactly what I mean about the fabulous flavor…


I hope you enjoyed this Organic Food Review post on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Why not try the Whole Foods Market Cookbook? 350 Awesome Recipes for natural, organic foods:

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  1. I love making chocolate milk with that kind of milk!

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