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What is Pysanky?: Easter Surprises

You may have heard the term Pysanky before…“What’s that?”

PysankyMy heritage includes paternal Ukrainian nationality. We celebrated Ukrainian feasts & traditions were observed, including the ancient Eastern European art of pysanky, or egg decorating, at Easter.

The intricate, delightfully designed & colored eggs are treasured & admired, and kept on display by many of us of Ukrainian descent, who may have watched their parents or grandmothers participate in the art of Pysanky, producing these elaborate marvels. I am in awe of the talent & artistic ability of those who have gone before us.

A stylus is used to write or draw on the egg shells with wax. Beginning with the lightest hue of color which is generally white. All the parts that you wish to stay white, are covered with wax.

Next, the egg is dyed, probably yellow. Whatever parts of the egg that are still covered with wax, won’t be penetrated by the yellow dye. Then you cover all the yellow parts of the design that you want to remain yellow by marking it with the stylus, and then place the egg in the next color bath, using the same method as you use darker and darker shades of color, adding more wax as you continue on.

When finished with the progression of colors, using the side of a candle flame, the wax is melted from the egg, exposing the various colors that were under the wax. The final result is a fabulously colored and exquisitely designed egg – a true work of art.

It is an honor to be presented with one of these special creations.

Pysanky is a feast for the eyes of the recipient, and an exceptional accomplishment by the artist.


I hope you enjoy this Ukrainian Food on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

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