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What is Beaujolais?: Nouveau Beaujolais Day

Nouveau Beaujolais Day is November 20th, and this wine is most versatile in cooking and simply enjoying a glass of to sip on.

Host Whirl Aerating Wine Glasses - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comNot everyone favors this red wine, but those of us, who are inclined to prefer a grapey, deliciously sweet wine to sip or pair with everyday, hearty & rustic foods find beaujolais meets our desire.

Refreshing & uncomplicated, our world needs more of these wines in France, South of Burgundy.

The Gamay grape is grown exuding the texture & flavor reminiscent of thick jam. “Beaujolais-Villages” is not too acidic & intended for consumption during the first 2 years. It’s on the light side.

More serious varieties display the names on their labels of the particular villages from whence they came. To name a few, for instance, you have Moulin-à-Vent, Chénas, Côte de Brouilly & Brouilly.

These more serious types are appealing with such fresh aromas, deep fruity flavored in concentration that they match with Shepherd’s Pie. As well, they are happy to be served along with spicy dishes, such as Szechuan beef or curries.

These wines are best when chilled for under an hour refrigerated.

WineI’m always inclined to stick with drinking a tasty, sweetish wine, as the drier wines tend to be too acidic for my system. Beaujolais just seems the right one for me, as that style of sweet, fruity grapes is so compatible with simple meals, and it’s good to sip as well.

I’m quite prepared to purchase, drink & cook with Nouveau Beaujolais wine.

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Be sure to pick up a bottle of beaujolais for Nouveau Beaujolais Day!

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