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What is a Cappuccino?: National Cappuccino Day

National Cappuccino Day is November 8th, and cappuccino is on the bevy menu.

cappuccinoCappuccino is so named as it calls to mind the color of Capuchin monks, and it is a specialty of Italian bars.

Cinnamon & cocoa are not generally sprinkled on top of their cappuccino, though the espresso is topped with steamed or scalded milk.

On top of that, silky foam. The coffee, milk & foam are made using equal amounts of each.

In the making of espresso, hot water is forced through finely ground coffee at a high pressure achieving bitter sweet flavor & having the consistency of syrup. Then, the scalded or steamed milk is added, and the foam tops it all off.

Many people, especially Italians enjoy this strong brew, but personally, I would have to add some sugar, and possibly, cinnamon & cocoa to tolerate this blend.

I would probably go for the coffee latte, where 1 part espresso is combined with 4 parts scalded or steamed milk, and though it’s unconventional, I would ask for a good amount of foam on top.

National Cappuccino Day will have you all perked up!

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