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Web Chef Review: Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is definitely a must-try product!

Web Chef Review: Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix - cookingwithkimberly.comFirst off, you’re probably wondering what the heck tiger nuts are…Well, they aren’t nuts at all – they are little tubers, that grow just like potatoes.

Tiger nuts are the star of one of the newest trends going in super foods. Not only are tiger nuts non-allergenic to those who cannot eat nuts, they are…

The Best Weight Loss Snack You’ve Never Heard Of!

raw tiger nuts - tigernutsusa.comHigh in fiber, and low in calories & fats, tiger nuts are surprising nutritional powerhouses. Tiger Nuts will have you feeling more full with the great fiber content they provide, and you will inevitably charge your metabolism, eating these little beauties!

Tiger nuts are 100% gluten free, organic, nut-free, allergen free & dairy free. Although they’re free of so many things, they are super high in nutrition, are non-GMO & perfect for anyone on a paleo diet. Also, packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium & calcium, tiger nuts are jam-packed with goodness.

peeled tiger nuts - tigernutsusa.comTiger Nuts have been touted the “healthiest single source snack food on the market”! They have shown tiger nuts can even help prevent & treat cardiac disease, and be beneficial for people, who are diabetic or have celiac disease.

Being that they are high in nutrition, you’re wondering if they’re tasty…right?!  Well, if you enjoy the flavor of coconut, believe it or not, they are reminiscent of such a great flavor profile!

Eastern Spain mapWhere Do These Tiger Nuts Come From:

The tiger nuts used in Tiger Nuts products are from Valencia, Spain, where they have ideal soil & growing conditions for such interesting, tiny tubers!

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix:

All of that being said, now create a smoothie mix that’s easy to use, packed with the same unbelievable health benefits & that’s tasty, on top of it all, and you’ve got Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix!

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

Coming in an easily resealable bag, making Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix a breeze to store for future use. You will find all of the nutritional benefits & great information about this wonder food on the packaging, as well as instructions for use.

How to Use Tiger Nut Smoothie Mix:

How to Make Tiger Nut & Berry Smoothies - cookingwithkimberly.comSimply blend up 3 tbsp of the smoothie mix with ice, water or fruit juice, and your favorite fruits (fresh or frozen) or vegetables, for something uniquely flavorful! If you’re on a protein powder regimen, add a scoop or two of Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix for a boost!

Cooking Show: How to Make Tiger Nut & Berry Smoothies

You will use this smoothie mix frequently, and not just for smoothies. It works amazingly well as a supplemental ingredient in puddings, mousse, yogurt, even hot beverages, like hot chocolate.

Cooking Show: How to Make Spiced Tiger Nut & Mango Mousse

Naturally sweet, you will likely not even need additional sweeteners, when using Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix. If you like things a bit sweeter, I’d suggest using honey, agave nectar, stevia or ripe fruit to sweeten things up.

Tiger Nuts logoTiger Nuts products are available at:

Be sure to check out our cooking show playlist for some creative & delicious ways to use Tiger Nuts products.

Watch Playlist: Tiger Nuts Recipes + Reviews

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is certainly one of those products you really must try – good for you & your kids!


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