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Web Chef Review: Roberto’s Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

I found Roberto’s Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough at my Harvest Barn Country Market!

Web Chef Review: Roberto's Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough - cookingwithkimberly.comThis isn’t just any old pizza dough, but this whole wheat pizza dough is amazing.  In fact, Roberto’s Pizzeria is a great place to get your pizzas – they use high quality ingredients and their pizzas are super delicious.

They have used pure cane sugar, 3 star flour, 25% whole wheat flour, Mediterranean sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. No ingredients that you can’t spell or pronounce!

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

We are making a lovely “Harvest Barn Pizza” today, meaning we are using only ingredients that we got at the Harvest Barn Country Market in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Check out how beautiful this pizza turned out in our show:

I must admit that I get skeptical when it comes to whole wheat as a replacement for white flour, but when we ate this pizza, we found the crust to be exceptionally tasty & crunchy. You would have never even known it was made with whole wheat.

Until now, we have usually made our own pizza dough, but I find I can’t surpass this pizza crust. In the future, when I am in need of a prepared dough for pizza, I will definitely go for this Roberto’s Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough. Not only is it delicious, but it is healthier than the white flour doughs and makes such a perfect base for your other ingredients.

Pick up a few packages of Roberto’s Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough at Harvest Barn Country Markets and keep them in your freezer until needed – handy as can be, and your pizza will taste like it came from a good pizzeria, made by a professional.

Verona 24 Electric Self Cleaning Wall Oven in Stainless Steel - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comIn speaking with Roberto personally, he instructed that the pizza should be baked at 550 degrees F for 12 – 15 minutes. Our pizza turned out beautifully. Be sure to check out our pizza recipe by clicking the title of the post above.

As I have mentioned on other occasions, Harvest Barn Country Markets make it a policy to provide produce obtained from within a 100 mile radius of their locations, as much as possible, and we like the idea of purchasing from local farmers.

The produce doesn’t have to travel a long distance to get to Harvest Barn, so it is at optimum freshness and ripeness and our local farmers are getting our dollars here, in Southern Ontario.

They have two locations in Southern Ontario, one in Niagara on the Lake and the other in St. Catharines. Check them out online at HarvestBarn.ca.

Harvest Barn Country Markets - harvestbarn.caHarvest Barn Country Markets Locations:


We are pleased to recommend Roberto’s Pizzeria Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, available at Harvest Barn Country Markets.

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