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Web Chef Review: Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life

Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life are now available at Harvest Barn Country Markets!

Web Chef Review: Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life - cookingwithkimberly.comThese organic sprouts are very nutritious, especially when you top a nice salad with them, or add them to a sandwich in place of lettuce.

These are seeds that have begun to grow with little sprout tails that are very delicate and tasty.

This particular mix includes wheatberries, sprouting fenugreek, lentils, kamut and adzuki beans. Most seeds and beans can be sprouted but not all are edible raw.

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

This mixture is very tasty – high in protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and fights diabetes, cancer, obesity and chronic illnesses, if eaten regularly. So, you can see the benefits of using sprouts are numerous and contribute in a big way to better health. In addition, they contain calcium, copper, zinc, iron, potassium and B vitamins, making quite a powerful package of goodness.

These sprouts provide a good source for proteins for vegan diets, since they don’t get animal meat proteins. However, they are also a good boost of protein for others who aren’t on a vegan path.

Sprouts for Life - sproutsforlife.caThis Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life can be found in the produce section at select markets, and once purchased must be kept refrigerated.

So, do try this Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life and keep it handy to add to snack foods, as well as topping soups & stews, sandwiches, salads, as well as just popping a few into your mouth for a quick and delicious energy boost.

I picked up this sprout mix at my local Harvest Barn Country Markets in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and they have another location in St. Catharines that carries Sprouts for Life products.

Harvest Barn Country Markets - harvestbarn.caHarvest Barn Country Markets Locations:


Eat healthy with this Organic Nutty Sprout Mix by Sprouts for Life, available at Harvest Barn Country Markets.

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