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Web Chef Review: Ontario Sugar Pumpkins at Harvest Barn Country Markets

These sweet, little Ontario Sugar Pumpkins that came from Harvest Barn Country Markets are gorgeous specimens, plus can create a number of tasty Holiday dishes.

Web Chef Review: Ontario Sugar Pumpkins at Harvest Barn Country Markets - cookingwithkimberly.comPerfect for making pumpkin pies and pumpkin puree, because the flesh is more dense, is sweeter, the flavor is more intense and the flesh contains less water than larger, Halloween-type, jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

Also, these pumpkins are much easier to handle & break down than other large pumpkins, so they are typically quite a bit safer to work with.

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

Be sure to harvest the seeds from these little beauties, so you can either plant some of your own next year, saving the seeds, or toast them up for healthy snacks.

Ontario Pumpkins at Harvest Barn Country Markets - cookingwithkimberly.comPlus, these sugar pumpkins are quite festive for the Holidays as decorative items for your front porch, your dining table or your counter top.

Harvest Barn Country Markets have two locations, with the other one being in St. Catharines, Ontario, and you can find them online:

Harvest Barn, try as much as possible to bring in produce and products from within a 100 mile radius of their locations, which is very appealing to me because it means that the produce isn’t imported and doesn’t have to travel an excessive number of miles to get to my table.

With less transportation, the carbon footprint is reduced as well and the produce is less likely to be damaged and bruised during travel time. Also, supporting our own local Canadian farmers is crucial to allowing the farmers to maintain their farms and farming lifestyles, so they can continue to produce food crops to us.

Sugar Pumpkin Recipes:

Also, be sure to check out my tutorial on:

Pumpkin Recipes:

I hope you have a chance to stop in at one of the Harvest Barn Country Markets and pick up a couple of pumpkins for your autumn table, or to can for future pies and other baking.

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