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Web Chef Review: Ontario Dill at Harvest Barn Country Markets

You can now pick up bundles of beautiful, green Ontario Dill at Harvest Barn Country Markets.

How to Can Mom's Dill Pickles - cookingwithkimberly.comHave a look at this healthy specimen of dill, with the crowns on the stems, ready to be used in my Savoy Cabbage Roll recipe, in my Borscht, Chicken Soups and currently in my recipe for Dill Pickles.

Can you believe how gorgeous this dill is and since it is still on the stem, it will last several weeks as long as it has water. Not only is this Ontario dill, but I believe it is Niagara grown dill.

Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Food:

Web Chef Review: Ontario Dill at Harvest Barn Country Markets - cookingwithkimberly.comThe scent of dill fills my kitchen and just makes me want to cook, pickle and preserve any food I can get my hands on today. I remember my grandmother’s homey kitchen smelling like this, in the summertimes when I visited my grandparents’ Niagara farm, and grandma would continually be cooking up the most amazing foods and preserves for us. In my mind’s eye I can still picture her sweet self, bustling about in that ever-welcoming kitchen, always thinking of what she could do to serve her family.

This beautiful dill comes from my local Harvest Barn Country Market in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is one of their two locations in Southern Ontario, with the other location being in St. Catharines.

Harvest Barn Country Markets try, as much as possible, to bring in produce to their market sites from within a 100 mile radius, thus reducing transportation time and distance for the produce for their customers. The produce is fresher, optimally ripe and less likely to be bruised or damaged during transportation.

When you go into their markets, you can see for yourself how fresh and beautiful their produce is, and so appealingly displayed.

Do make a point of stopping in at your local Harvest Barn Country Market and bring home something wonderful for your family table.

Harvest Barn Country Markets - harvestbarn.caHarvest Barn Country Markets Locations:


Dill Recipes:

Pick up some fresh Ontario dill today!

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