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Web Chef Review: Cup of Moments Teas

A new line of teas has come to my attention called Cup of Moments out of West Bengal, India.

Darjeeling teaC&M Brothers Global Trading House brings you this series of teas that include Darjeeling, Black, Green & White teas.

I’ve had the opportunity to try 4 of their lovely teas, and am looking forward to learning about the others as well.

Firstly, you notice the packaging. These teas come to you in wooden boxes local artisans in India create. In fact, you are able to order even more ornate boxes for special occasions or gifts.

Let’s start with talking about Darjeeling tea. The teas from Cup of Moments are from Darjeeling in India. This is very significant because it can only be called Darjeeling tea, if it’s from this part of the world, from a recognized Tea Estate by the Tea Board of India.

These teas have a very distinct flavor profile that can’t be duplicated anywhere else, geographically speaking.

The four teas I want to talk about are their Limited Edition Bhairavi Darjeeling, Ahiri Green, Charukeshi Black, and Baansuri White teas.

Bhairavi Limited Edition Darjeeling Tea:

That being said, Darjeeling tea is actually my favorite tea I enjoy. It’s is called the “champagne of teas” by many.

There are flavor nuances of floral or slightly fruity proportions, maybe even a little perfumey. It is a black tea, but I don’t treat Darjeeling the same way as I would just any black tea.

It is a delicate tea that requires a lower water temperature than boiling to steep, so the leaves don’t get scorched, and timing is everything. A short brewing time ensures it doesn’t turn the tea bitter. To learn how to brew the perfect cup of Darjeeling, click to the link below.

Find out what I think about this Cup of Moments Tea in this webisode of What I Say About Food:

Darjeeling, to me, is best enjoyed with a little bit of sugar, but certainly no milk.

Ahiri Green Tea:

This is a nice green tea that also comes from this area of West Bengal, India.

Now, green tea & black tea is actually the same plant. It just depends upon how they harvest & prepare the tea for consumption that makes it green tea.

Again, using a lower water temperature than boiling, as well as a shorter steeping time will ensure a tasty green tea. For complete instructions, go here:

Find out what I think about this Cup of Moments Tea in this webisode of What I Say About Food:

I enjoy this tea, typically, with honey.

Charukeshi Black Tea:

Now, this is a black Darjeeling tea, but it’s not their Limited Edition, Bhairavi.

Despite this fact, I would say I like this particular tea the best out of the bunch. It’s right up my flavor profile that I enjoy when it comes to what I want in a Darjeeling tea. It is fragrant and warms my soul.

I use the exact same brewing instructions for this as above in the Bhairavi, but for more instructions on brewing this tea, go to:

Find out what I think about this Cup of Moments Tea in this webisode of What I Say About Food:

I enjoy drinking Darjeeling tea with just a bit of sugar, as I feel adding honey to sweeten it adds another flavor that I don’t want confusing what I have going on with the Darjeeling.

Baansuri White Tea:

The Baansuri White tea is certainly the most mild & delicate of the bunch, as you might have already guessed.

A lower brewing temperature, and shorter brewing time ensure it doesn’t get bitter too. For more instructions on brewing, go to:

I enjoy this particular tea with honey.

Cup of Moments has a number of other tea offerings that are limited editions, black & green.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea:

C&M Brothers Global Trading House - Cup of Moments Tea - cnmglobal.orgIf tea isn’t tasty enough already for you, there are many health benefits related to drinking tea. Here are a few that apply to Orthodox & Organic Darjeeling tea.

  • Teeth: strengthens, prevents plaque accumulation & kills oral bacteria – when not using milk & sugar in the tea
  • Digestion: improves digestion & cleans bowels
  • Rejuvenator: reduces thirst
  • Blood: treats impurities
  • Asthma: helps prevents
  • Obesity: reduction
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Dysentery
  • Cholesterol: optimization
  • Blood Pressure: optimization
  • Arthritis: provides relief
  • Strokes: having 5 – 6 cups daily reduces these chances
  • Skin: younger & fresher
  • Blood Clots: prevents formation
  • Immune System: strengthens against viruses

I hope you’ll try out Cup of Moments Tea from C&M Brothers Global Trading House. Do let me know which tea is your favorite!


I hope you enjoy this Tea on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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