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Want to Know More About Your Web Chef, Kimberly Edwards?

Kimberly Edwards on "Best Guest with Patrick Harb"If you ever wanted to know more about your very own, beloved web chef, Kimberly Edwards, of CookingWithKimberly.com, search no further.

If you didn’t already know, Kimberly is an internationally acclaimed model, an actress, owner of a modeling & talent agency, a jewelry designer, as well as entrepreneur, founder of 2 charities, and a muay thai fighter.

Check out her exclusive interview on “Best Guest with Patrick Harb” and learn a bit more about her and her life.

Check out another interview she did previously with Patrick Harb here:

You may also check out her fan page on Facebook: Kimberly Edwards

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to “Like” the Cooking With Kimberly Fan Page on Facebook too!

Well, at least now you know Kimberly is a well-rounded individual, and her only talent isn’t simply cooking.

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