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Using the Right Flour Makes Baking Delicious & Beautiful

Baking is certainly an art-form, and using a great flour makes your baked goods delicious & beautiful.

How to Bake Haskap Oatmeal Cookies - cookingwithkimberly.comWhether you’re baking a basic bread, cookies for the kids, or something more fanciful & substantial like a pastry crust for quiche, using a flour that’s of high quality is important.

You want a flour that’s pure, is evenly & well ground, and that tastes good.

Maybe you use flour in small batches, or you are a baker in bulk, you will appreciate a wheat flour that’s high in protein & low in ash content.

An even texture of the flour is important for baked goods that behave properly upon creation.

Canada, the United States & Australia all produce high quality wheat, and are often used in different flour blends, the wheat grains from their respective countries of origin have different qualities than the next.

Different flour mills use the wheat from these countries to make specialized flours for different types of baked goods.

pineapple upside down cake - lickr.com/photos/87542849@N00Possibly, you’re having a get-together entertaining guests. If you want to bake & serve a gorgeous cake or torte, cake flour is what you’re looking for – a finely ground flour that’s lighter in color with a clean finish. These flours create light, fluffy & soft baked goods.

Bread flour is used to bake different breads and often contains more gluten to assist in giving your breads structure & help them rise.

Whole wheat flours use the whole grain of wheat in their production – the bran, germ & endosperm, producing a more varied, rustic texture, but also including all of the nutrients of the wheat. This also means that whole wheat flour has more oils in it, which can go rancid quicker.

Flours should be stored in well sealed containers in cool, dry, dark places, like the a pantry or even better, the freezer to keep them fresher longer.

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Author: Kimberly Turner

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