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Thierry & Guy’s Fat Bastard Chardonnay

Costumes For All Occasions DG5561 Fat Bastard AdultYes, you read it correctly…

That’s really the name of this “Remarkably full bodied” wine from Thierry & Guy.

Here’s the story from the back of the bottle:

“Good friends, Thierry (renowned French winemaker) & Guy (British wine industry rebel) created FAT bastard almost by accident.

It started out as an experiment Thierry had been doing in the back of his cellar, leaving a barrel “on the lees” (yeast cells). He didn’t know what to expet, but when the friends tried the wine Thierry exclimed…

“Now zat iz what you call eh PHET bast-ard!” (read with a strong French accent)

This very British expression perfectly described the wine’s wonderful color and ROUND, rich palate so that’s what they called it.”

The front of the bottle is very classy looking, except that it’s really called “FAT bastard”.

It has a REALLY cute, gold hippopotamus on the top of the label and it seems as though the hippo is crinkling up the label due to it’s weight…On the back label, it says they’re not really sure where the “hippo” came from…

We actually imbibed the 2007 of this Chardonnay that was $7.95. A very reasonable price for a Chardonnay of this quality!

I am not a real Chardonnay lover, per se, but enjoy them when they are not oakey or too buttery in low-lights…although, this wine is quite full-bodied…

As you may know already, I love fruity, sweeter wines.

This would be a wine I would purchase again and again.

We, my hubby and I, enjoyed this one watching movies one rainy Friday afternoon…

Here’s my hubby’s take – It has a grapey taste for about 3 seconds, then a really alcoholic taste for about 2 seconds, the aftertaste is of grape. He feels it is a 6/10 acidity, and an alcohol content of about 5/10. He feels it is grapey, fresh and crisp.

He actually chose the wine because of it’s “funny” name…


I hope you enjoy this Wine post on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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