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The Coolest Foodie Return Address Labels

Today, I was online creating return address labels from VistaPrint.com…

I love this place, it’s where I get all of our business cards from, so I thought I’d delve deeper and get some labels, as I’m in dire need of them…LOL

I was playing around with what I wanted and of course, since I’m a hopeless foodie, my labels reflect that.

I wanted to share the label I chose with you all, so you could get in on them too – Yes, I know, that’s not the right way to make the label, but it’s just to show you how cool it will be with my actual address on it!

Check it out:


They had 9 pages of food and beverage designs, or you could build your own – even upload your own design!

You can get 140 labels for £4.99 – that’s less than £0.05 per label! You can order a larger quantity for the same price… (Not sure how I got on the UK site…LOL…But I have a lot of UK readers, so it’s still helpful and a serious deal not to share with you!)

I really liked some of their darker colored designs, but I’m never fond of dark labels, so I picked something light colored that suited me.

You know me…It had to suit my style…LOL

That looks like a really delicious and healthy shrimp dish, that was easy and quick to prepare. It has a lot of color and it’s making me hungry right now!

Good thing it’s Friday! Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to splurge tonight…Maybe on something that looks like this food! 🙂

In my opinion, it’s important to take the small things in life, and if you can make them so they give you a little smile, that’s a fantastic way to brighten up your day with something small!

Put a bunch of small smiles together and you’ve got your recipe for a marvelous day!

The coolest thing about check-out was that they offer you your design with your information on it in business cards, notepads, pens, notecards (that I’m going to use for recipes!), thank you cards, stamps, and the list goes on!

Wow…they were all so neat, it was difficult to choose!


I hope you enjoyed this Food Fun post on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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