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Specials on Parent’s Choice Infant Formula

BabyYes, infant formula can get pricey, can’t it?

Especially since on October 1st, 2009, the Women, Infants and Children program has started an initiative to encourage mothers to breastfeed because the funding for such things as infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables has been cut.

Many families will have to pay for infant formula themselves that are on the WIC program.

However, there are ways to decrease your costs on infant formula.

Now, store brand formula, like that which you can find at Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Infant Formula, is of the same quality as other big-name, commercial brands because the FDA regulates the minimum and maximum nutrient specifications for babies.

These types of infant formula is sold at more than 35,000 retailers like drugstores, Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, Sam’s Club, Kroger, etc. and can save parents up to 50% on formula.

In fact, Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Infant Formula is on sale right now.

Parent's Choice Infant FormulaYou can get their Milk Infant Formula in the 15.5 oz can for $5.00 each. Also, the Gentle Infant Formula for babies that are fussy or have gas is on sale in the 12.9 oz can for $5.00 each too.

Therefore, in essence, all infant formulas are pretty much created alike. Awesome information to know for anyone who wants to save money!


I hope you found this Healthy Eating information helpful on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

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Kimberly Edwards :)

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