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Sometimes Simple is Best When Cooking

Bananas in Milk with Chia Seeds & Morning Tea for Breakfast - CookingWithKimberly.comIt’s funny how we can all sometimes get caught up in the complexity of cooking, and the minute details that go along with it.

There are times when the simple things in food are what’s best, and exactly what you’re craving…and that’s okay.

This morning, for example, I had sliced bananas in milk like my mom used to make for me when I was a child. I did add some chia seeds on top just because they were out and provided a bit more of a healthy profile, but I kept it very simple.

  • When’s the last time you actually enjoyed a piece of toast with butter and jam?
  • When’s the last time you had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast?
  • When’s the last time you had a plain, old glass of milk?
  • When was the last time you served green beans with butter, salt & pepper?
  • How about steamed broccoli, or fish for that matter?

Now, I’m not saying a chevre and arugula omelet doesn’t have it’s place, or tahini tuna on crostini, because they certainly do, but be sure not to forget about simplicity too. Let the ingredients speak for themselves, sometimes having a solo appearance, with minor supporting actors.

K.I.S.S. philosophy can hold true in the kitchen as well…(Keep It Simple Stupid, if you’ve never heard of this before.) If the kitchen is a scary place for you, and you feel you don’t have real skill, then do what you know, and be the best at it. Make some really great eggs, or mashed potatoes, or whatever you feel comfortable doing. Work on the other things, but make your go-to dishes shine!

Don’t forget about those simple things in life that are non-confusing, comforts to your soul. It’s the simple pleasures of life that keep you going.

You may even realize these things bring you back to your childhood when things were just that…simple.

They are also the things that spark you to create a symphony in your kitchen when you’re feeling a bit hyper-creative.


I hope you enjoyed this Food Fun on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

Kimberly Turner is the web-chef behind CookingWithKimberly.com. Food writer, food consultant and general lover of the delicious treats on our planet, Kimberly brings you hearty content, delicious offerings, fun antics, and some down-home cooked love with her mom making cameos. Internet entrepreneur and marketer, International model, and Editor-in-Chief of a number of online publications. Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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