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Web Chef Review: Peppered Natural Buffalo Jerky from Jerky Direct

Peppered Natural Buffalo Jerky from Jerky Direct

Peppered Natural Buffalo Jerky from Jerky Direct

I often try different brands of jerky so I can find the varieties and flavors I like the best because not all jerkies are created alike.

I tried this Peppered flavor Natural Buffalo Jerky from Jerky Direct and I think it’s, honestly, my new favorite jerky.

I’ve never been crazy about “moist” jerky – it just seems odd to me. I enjoy a good “chew” with my dried jerky.

This jerky is slightly moist, but gives me that chew I prefer.

The “Peppered” variety is simply flavored with a serious hickory smoked and black pepper kick – but with nuances of soy sauce.

The best part about this jerky is that it’s all natural, made from ranch raised Buffalo with no added hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no added MSG and no artificial ingredients. This jerky is also USDA Inspected Buffalo.

* Fact: Did you know that there are Federal Regulations that prohibit the use of added hormones in buffalo? True!

Jerky, in general, is a very easy-to-eat and healthy snack because it’s made of meat that’s been trimmed of fat, marinated in a spicy, flavored liquid and dried on low heat – or sometimes salted and sun-dried.

A 30g serving of Peppered flavor Natural Buffalo Jerky from Jerky Direct has 90 calories, 1g of fat, only 7g carbs, 11g of protein and is a significant source of your daily intake of Vitamin B12 at 20%, and iron at 8%.

So, it’s a low fat, high protein snack – especially good for athletes or people trying to lose fat.

Kenney eating Buffalo Jerky

Kenney eating Buffalo Jerky

It’s a quick and easy way to get a tasty snack in because you can take it with you and don’t have to refrigerate it because it’s smoked, cured and/or dried.

Here’s my hubby right after we had to open a 2nd bag of this great stuff – we polished off the first bag quickly! LOL…

This Natural Buffalo Jerky comes in a resealable bag for easy transport and freshness.

@jerkyguy on Twitter* Want to order some for yourself, go here: Delicious Jerky *

* Buffalo is not an endangered species – it is now a domesticated animal.


I hope you enjoyed this Healthy Snack on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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