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Ooh Wee! It’s National Fried Chicken Day!

Buttermilk Fried ChickenUSA (COOKING WITH KIMBERLY NEWS) – When was the last time you had great fried chicken?

It seems that it’s getting hard to find, unless you make your own from scratch at home on this National Fried Chicken Day!

Now, if you’re counting calories, then you can do the “shake & bake” thing with your chicken to achieve a crispy crust.

However, there is just nothing like the fried, crispy goodness of real, bonafide fried chicken.

Buttermilk adds a great touch using it to coat the chicken before dredging it in flour and/or crumbs, as it gives a gorgeous flavor and helps the crumbs stick so much better as a coating.

Frying it in peanut oil is a great oil of choice, as it imparts a great bit of flavor, and has a higher smoking point, so it is suited for this type of frying.

Typically, it is best to fry it in a pan with about 1.0″ of oil, being careful to watch it constantly, and covering it with a splatter screen so it doesn’t make such a mess or splatter up on your skin as much and cause burns.

You should always use a heavy bottomed frying pan. In fact, a trusty cast-iron frying pan is best, as this disperses heat evenly and doesn’t cause “hot-spots,” providing consistent heat.

So, on this momentous National Fried Chicken Day, enjoy a batch of your own at home and add your very own 12 herbs and spices!

Here is my mother’s recipe for her version of Fried Chicken.

Eat Deliciously…


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