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National Pancake Day: A Favorite Family Recipe

National Pancake Day allows us yet another time to create some family favorites.

crepesWe like the traditional 4 or 5 inch pancakes, but we prefer my Mother’s recipe for German pancakes.

With so many pancake recipes out there, these just have what I crave. I suppose it’s because it’s what I grew up on.

I’m sure you have similar affinities for a particular style of pancake yourself based upon the childhood comforts you remember.

Mom’s German Pancake Recipe:

My Mom used to roll sour cherries into the prepared pancake, and sprinkle them with white sugar.

Also, I enjoy savory crepes with seafood and/or asparagus rolled into the crepe, and a cream sauce on top. These are great for brunch!



  1. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Using a hand mixer, mix until there are no lumps and batter is smooth.
  3. Allow batter to sit in refrigerator at least 1 hr. * Tip: You can use batter right away, but it’s better after sitting. The bubbles will have settled, giving you a smoother batter.
  4. Stir to make sure everything is homogeneous.
  5. Coat preheated frying pan on medium low heat with butter.
  6. Pour 1 ladle full of batter into the pan, and move pan around in a circular motion to spread batter evenly.
  7. Fry until golden on each side.
  8. Repeat until batter is used up. * Tip: Batter can be stored covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Slather these in maple syrup or fill with warm fruit…maybe even butter, cinnamon & sugar. Any way you look at it, they’re delicious.

Here is a show where my daughter demonstrates this recipe.

These may not be your traditional pancakes, but try them out for National Pancake Day, and do let us know what you think!

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I hope you enjoy this Breakfast Recipe on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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